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The amp is on the floor now

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Nice rigs guys! Mine's about two years old so nothing bleeding edge but it'll get the job done for the next ten months. I've been upgrading it slowly over the past two years but there's only so much you can do with a mobo that doesn't support C2D. Upcoming plans are pretty simple, just make my rig quieter and run cooler. I'm planning on a buying a Seasonic S12-430/550 Energy+, a Tuniq 120, another Icage, and a few Scythe Kaze-Jyunis. I might also replace the two PATA hds with two more 500gb SATAs if the prices fall on Black Friday. For my monitor, I'm still waiting on the price of the 24s to hit $350 before I buy. I'm still a complete noob when it comes to computers but I'm learning...slowly.


Thermaltake Kandalf (Secondary HD cage removed, quick mount fan mounts removed, top+rear 90mm fans removed, Top mount USB/Firewire/Audio ports disconnected)
Asus P5WD2 Premium
Intel 560J Prescott OC @ 4.05ghz (Vcore @ 1.41v)
2x1gb Samsung DDR2 533 4200 @ DDR2 450 3200 (1:1)
WD Raptor 36gb, WD 180gb, Seagate 200gb, Maxtor 500gb
EMU 1212m

Set-up has changed a little since these were taken. I added my cd changer back under the Denon and for the comp, I'm running a 90mm fan over the 7600GS. Apparently EVGA doesn't put much thought into their passive cooling so the card was running at 76c at idle, it's now at 47c under load!

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I will post mine later....
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My two computers:
* 15" MacBook Pro (2.4GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 160GB 7200rpm, ...)
* 15" PowerBook G4 (1.5GHz PPC7447A, 1GB RAM, 100GB 7200rpm, ...)

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Ok, First of all, this is a little long, but PLEASE read it, as i spent time typing it

My custom built gaming PC. It's not the newest technology, but its far fast enough for my everyday needs, surfing the internet, and is a good gaming pc too. It also looks nice!

Everything is there, apart from my 250gb external hard disk in some of the newer pictures, which was at my dads at the time. I am running out of space on the external with all my app/game installer backups, and my drive images, PSP ISO's etc.

I have a 65% full 200gb inside with my music, A few favourite PSP Games, A few films ect. My muisc is mainly 96k MP3, as i cant hear an audible differece between 96 and 320! Still some to convert though. I use Winamp 5.5 Bento for music.

My speakers are Labtec, and they are quite old but i like them. I dont really tailor my speaker purchases to sound, as i can easily change the EQ of them on the sub, unlike my Zen, where it all distorts nastily. I have recently moved them as far apart as i can, but move them in a few inches when sitting at the pc, i like the soundstage, but i noticed many of you have your speakers either side of your monitor, like i had previously?! Why?

The headset is a Trust 640u USB gaming headset, that uses the c-media 7.1 surround sound drivers/chip. I use it for gaming, but im not keen on them for music, with 7.1 turned off of course, as they are too neutral, and boring i find. They are unexplainable, as there is nothing to explain!!

I cant remember all the specs, i will ask my dad and update later, as he built it with me.

No, the white thing unfortunatley is not a Supermicro, its my ZVM's Sync Dongle Lol

Here you can just see Winamp 5.5's top bar, set to always on top, with Firefox made a bit smaller, below. This is my Web-Surfing-Music-Setup, as Winamp 5.5's web browser doesnt support tabs, and Firefox's music plugin isnt as good as Winamp.[/

The yellow thing is a mono speaker that we made at school last year. Sound crap, but im pleased with the design. Everything is surface mounted on a PCB. Its a steering wheel...

Its really loud, the neon fan on the side isnt a quiet one, and the cpu, and power supply ones are a little loud. If i unplug the side fan, its alot quiter so, maybe i will get a quiter fan, and possibly some sound proofing if it doesnt look to bad/i can "hide" it.

After Xmas, i will have a 20" Iiyama widescreen LCD (Prezzie), and with my money, i will contribute a bit to the screen if i have to, buy a 500gb disk and but the 250gb inside, and the 500gb in the external HDD caddy, i will also build (DIY) a huge desk in the place of the bookcase, and old desk, buy a pair of music headphones (Grado?), get my dads old soundcard, and a headphone stand. I will hopefully have a new camera (prezzie) too to snap a few pics of the new setup, and start amateur photography too!! I will spend a few quid quitening it too, as it will still be on my desk, but further away, so i wouldnt be able to have open cans really (SR60 etc.)

Also in about 4weeks, i should have my Livewires for my portable rig:
Currently Zen Vision M -> Invisibleshield -> ER6i.


1gb Corsaire Ram
Trust 640u USB Gamaing Headset
AC'97 Onboard sound (Crap)
200gb Maxtor internal
250gb Maxtor in external caddy
Old CRT Monitor
Labtec 2.1 Speakers inc. Sub
A case that did have multi coloured LEDS in the bottom front (2 strips on the front of the case), but had too much pink/red, so i stuck one in the power led hole, and left the blue ones at the top, for 99% Blue, so they fade down. I think it looks great!!
2x 30cm Blue cold cathodes, which are hidden in the pc case. They are ment to be sound reactive (black box seen through window on the side), but thank god it doesnt work, as it would look terrible!! The rocker swich on the 2nd drive bay cover is for the cold cathodes to. it turns them on/off.
Microsoft Laser Mouse (£35!)
Labtec Media Keyboard....Great keyboard, cost me only £5!

-= Matt =-

Sorry for the crappy pics, the neon lighting affects my K750i's 2mp camera.
The scary face seen in the mirror, is actually a halloween mask resting ontop of my fishing rod, it is 11ft, but in 2 pieces in the canvas slip.
The junk ON the bookcase is a few gift cards ect, and a key on a keyring. That wasnt meant to be there lol.
The junk IN the bookcase is lego and stuff, which i havnt touched since i was 9 lol.
The Glowing thing in the PC window is the stray 2nd multi colour LED, which seems to have gone through a hole and needs moving back behind the front panel.

-= Matt =-
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Holy underline!

+1 for shiny looking green thing on cans
+1 for hanging them up
+1 for the antenna on the CRT
+1 for bling

-1 for the CS fan grill

I want to see more hanging headphones!!
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Missing from the pic is my USB Monica. PC-> USB Monica -> Promitheus Audio Ref 1 TVC -> Monarchy Audio SM-70 -> Stone Image Audio Rothschilde A2s.

Sometimes I feed the USB Monica to my Hornet which powers a pair of Senn HD-650s.
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+1 for the CS fan grill
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LOL. CS fan grill. That must be the geekiest thing I've ever seen.
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Originally Posted by Jodiuh View Post
Holy underline!

+1 for shiny looking green thing on cans
+1 for hanging them up
+1 for the antenna on the CRT
+1 for bling
-1 for the CS fan grill
I want to see more hanging headphones!!

1. Green thing is the reflection of my curtains on the chrome logo plate

2. They are hanging on my left curtains tie back hook how cheapie, i said i was gonna get a stand though!!

3. Antenna is cos my router moved and i couldnt get a good signal, so instead of moving my PC i picked one of them up cheap. And occasionally i connect to a neighbour who should have WEP I will be concealing it soon, especially when i get my desk/screen, itll look bad!

4. I like it too. 'Specially with the lights off!

5. Ok, well i like it, and i dont play CS often, which should un-geekify me
Originally Posted by werdwerdus View Post
+1 for the CS fan grill
Ok, well i like it!

Originally Posted by Patu View Post
LOL. CS fan grill. That must be the geekiest thing I've ever seen.
Ok I may have to change that, you are now the 5th person to say that!!

Just fitted my on-loan-from-my-dad Creative Sound Blaster Live! I havnt tried earphones yet, but teh only thing i notice with speakers, is that volume is noticabley lower than i normally have it, but it is just as loud, if not louder

Now to wire up my 2x 3.5mm jacks in the front of my PC...

Tons of pins and only a few one-pin connectors, Like mic power, mic in, Left RET, Right RET, Right out, Left out, Ground x2. I know i dont connect them onto the side, where the DVD drive and the rest can plug in, but possibly some of the AUDIO_EXT pins are used? I cant find anything in the manual, or on the internet, if anyone can help i would appreciate it!!

-= Matt =-
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Don't change the grill on our part...especially if we disagree as it gives us something to fight about in UT3 or TF2.
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There is a pic of the inside of my pc , it now has a 8800 gts and an extra drive.
As you can see it was severely damaged , it fell from someones desktop and he did not want to deal with it and sold it to me
Broken video card
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Ok, found out i cant hook up my front jacks, cos the SBL! card outputs digital, and my jacks are analouge!

oh well, its only on loan!

I will keep it, i was just joking lol. So many people i know have said its geeky, and i try not to be

-= Matt =-
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Originally Posted by Baines93 View Post
Ok I may have to change that, you are now the 5th person to say that!!
That came from a guy who wasted five years of his life playing that game so don't take it too seriously.
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Dorm Room Setup

College Dorm Room Setup
-imb thinkpad Z60m (behind the keyboard)
-22inch gateway lcd monitor
-headroom total bithead
-sennheiser HD-280 (mini xlr recable)
-swans m10 speakers with coffee mug stands
-and yes i know the sub is in a terrible location, so feel free to give me any placement suggestions...im afraid to put it under my desk because there is no grill.
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