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Stylus Magazine's Top 50 Live Albums of All Time

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Well, this is an interesting read...


As is the case any time we're presented with lists like this, I'm thinking that they missed a few.

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A lot of bands I don't really care about, but what's new. Lots of gems too. I'd toss quite a few to sneak in a copy of Tindersticks excellent , A+, night at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London 12 March 1995. A fantastic set with full orchestra backing and beautiful sound quality. Right up there with that great Portishead album, at least. Even comes packaged as a bonus disc with the remastered version of their great second album, although they used too much compression compared to the beautiful sounding original. Bloomsbury is long oop and very limited in its original CD and vinyl release, and kind of rare now, but search out the "real" one for a decent price if you've got the patience, or screw the wait if you've got the scratch ...

1. El Diablo En El Ojo
2. A Night In
3. Talk To Me
4. She's Gone
5. No More Affairs
6. City Sickness
7. Vertrauen II
8. Sleepy Song
9. Jism
10. Drunk Tank
11. Mistakes
12. Tiny Tears
13. Raindrops
14. For Those …
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My list would include Viva! Roxy Music.
Track listing

1. Out of the Blue (4:44)
2. Pyjamarama (3:36)
3. The Bogus Man (7:05)
4. Chance Meeting (2:58)
5. Both Ends Burning (4:46)
6. If There Is Something (10:37)
7. In Every Dream Home a Heartache (8:23)
8. Do the Strand (4:00)

Total Time: 46:09

- Eddie Jobson / synthesizer, violin, keyboards
- Bryan Ferry / keyboards, vocals
- Phil Manzanera / guitar
- John Wetton / bass
- John Gustafson / bass
- Andy Mackay / oboe, saxophone
- Sal Maida / bass
- Sirens / vocals
- Paul Thompson / drums
- Rick Wills / bass
Releases information

LP Atco 36139 (1976) / CD EMI 47436 (2003)

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Though I don't totally agree with it this is a much more interesting list than most I've seen.
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Thanks for the link. I already own several. The rest have been cataloged into the Tom & Lyra hit list.
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I haven't heard half of them, but the other half points this to be one of the more accurate lists.
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good solid list. might not agree with the placings but its a great guide.

san quentin is probably a more ball-tearing performance than folsom, but then san quentin was after he finally got together with June.
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At last. Live at sin-e deserved some recognition
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Definitely some good names up there (Kraftwerk, Talking Heads, Joy Divison) but I would have liked to see Rank, by The Smiths, up there somewhere.
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Thanks for posting this link. A really interesting list - it wouldn't be my list but it got me thinking and wanting to hear (or re-hear) several of the albums on the list. I'll be buying at least a half dozen of them.

And really, any list of the greatest live albums that includes Japan, Oil on Canvas and does not include Frampton Comes Alive, is doing something right. :-)
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