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He's a double edged sword...

...Borat, that is. From reading this thread, it seems to me that thankfully, we all seem to "get" the innate paradox of Borat's character. This is, after all, a tongue-in-cheek satire. As many people have mentioned, the real comedy lies in Baron Cohen's character remaining steadfast and real. He wears his "cultural disposition" on his sleeve to get people to say what they really feel.

For that reason, the movie was both absolutely hilarious and incredibly depressing.

My concern is the popularity of the movie. Head-Fi population aside, how many people do you figure find Borat funny simply because he speaks with an accent, is prone to man-kisses and carries a chicken? Borat seems to pull the worst out of the people he interviews... and I fear the movie will get the same from it's viewers.

Loved it though. It was a bloody riot. I do wish there were more original moments though.
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Deleted scenes from this movie had been floating on youtube for a while before the movie was released.
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Originally Posted by Homeless
I think it's ironic that Cohen himself is Jewish (correct me if I'm wrong) and completely trashes the Jewish people with his character (the 9/11 joke got a huge "ohhh!" from the audience) As far as I know the language he and Azamat Bagatov are speaking is hilarious!

I think that's the point that he is jewish and why he is getting away with it.

Imagine now those people in that Church service finds out now that he is Jewish
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my attempt at Borat for Halloween. My hair would be black, but the hair-spray can exploded
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Blah, just watched it. Honestly, I didn't think it was that funny. There was too much "story" in there and laughs were honestly few and far between. The whole movie seemed mediocre to me (Nowhere near as funny as Jackass 2). Da Ali G show is hilarious though (One episode of Da Ali G show is several times funnier than this movie, IMO; even the Borat segments from the Da Ali G show are funnier than most of the ones in the movie).
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I'll agree that Jackass 2 was by FAR the funnier movie, but remember Borat isn't as mindless as I'm afraid people will think. Harder to be funny ALL of the time when you're making a comentary too.
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Originally Posted by Azure
and laughs were honestly few and far between. The whole movie seemed mediocre to me
Just curious, were the laughs few and far between for the other people in the theatre with you?
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Originally Posted by mbriant
Just curious, were the laughs few and far between for the other people in the theatre with you?
I have never heard so much laughter in a theatre before. Seriously, anyone who doesn't find this movie funny officially sucks
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I loved the first Jackass, but I thought the second one was tired. It was ok, but nothing special.

I loved Borat...I think it will be remembered long after Jackass 2 is forgotten.
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The whole theatre was laughing uncontrollably through nearly the entire movie when I saw it tonight. There were a few parts that made me a little uncomfortable, but I think that is the intent of the movie and nobody escapes unscathed by it. Borat shows a lot about the character of the American public, both the good parts and bad parts, and provides a lot of insight in between the laughs. It's in a category of its own in many ways, it's not truly a satire but it's not as mindless as plain slapstick. It won't win any awards, but it will be a film remembered years from now.
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Originally Posted by mbriant
Just curious, were the laughs few and far between for the other people in the theatre with you?
Err...*no comment*

The laughs were freaking hilarious when they were there, but I just thought there was just too much dead space/fake story in between them.
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"Borat" demolished the audience where I saw it last Saturday, in Los Angeles. And I'm planning to see it again. I'm sure I missed a few gags due to the laughter.

What makes this movie special is the blend of high and low comedy. Something like "Jackass" is purely low comedy, as are most of the movies in the teen/grossout category. I like that stuff now and then, but you rarely see that combined with sophisticated, and vicious, commentary. Also why it didn't test well in middle America and they pulled back the release from 2000+ screens.

"Borat" will be considered a classic down the road. And it's sure to inspire a bunch of bad knock-offs.
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I agree. I love the Jackass movie but it is forgetable. Jackass is about jokes and gags. That's it.

Borat is thought provoking about certain things in society. Some of the jokes definetly provoke deeper thoughts about America. If you are a teenager who did not find Borat as interesting as an older adult, it's understandable. You may have to live a little more.

While I am a fan of Jackass, I will remember Borat more because of it's hidden or subtle nuances.
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Originally Posted by benton
I prefer Ali G to Borat

Ali G is a hundred times better and totally unscripted. This Borat character isn't funny at all, maybe why he's selling out over in the USA, very repetitive and when I saw him on the Jonathon Ross show insisting Jonathon cup his hands round his "member" well....... no class at all, pure toilet humour. Funny in parts but a one week wonder I think, certainly not up there with the likes of Monty Python's Life of Brian as far as longevity goes.
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Ali G and Borat are equally brilliant. Sasha Baron Cohen plays both to perfection, although I do tend to enjoy the Ali G skits a tad more.

I saw the movie and I loved it. I've never heard so much laughter in a theater before. I doubt it's the funniest movie ever made, but it's definitely up there with the best. It may be childish at times, but If you didn't find it funny then there must be something wrong with you
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