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The ultra-portable amplifier for IEMs - Page 3  

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Hi Ray,

As I was one of the first to hear it in your living room I would like #12. Really liking the Hornet by the way.
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Hi Ray,
Please add me to the list as well.

Thank You.
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Put me on the list!
#5 or if not possible #55
Thanks Ray!

Oh man am i excited
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Sent you a PM to reserve my Tomahawk. Thanks!
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Count me in


After seeing and hearing your marvelous little amp at the So Cal meet, I must have one. Count me in

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Ray... Put me on the list.... How about #47....

Perfect.... I'm on an airplane every other week !!!!!!!
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Hi Ray,
Please add me to your list.

Thank You,
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Ray - I'm in!
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Originally Posted by trose49
Being that I was able to keep my mouth shut for so long I will expect my limited edition in the mail (titanium knob #1) Thanks uncle Ray!
As soon as Ray removed his request that I keep "mum", I had posted a heads-up thread before the current one (out of nothing more than enthusiastic excitement) -- and the powers that be decided to kill it, having decided it seemed like a vendor ad or "shill", used pics from Ray's site and thereby violated various rules, though I don't think it was any different from the current one (or many other similar threads in the past), aside from the pics - which is why I added a post not to use Ray's pics -- and wait 'til we take pics at the Nov. 4 meet.

Luckily some mods felt differently, so "they" didn't kill the current discussion thread (though the original thread and response posts are gone, gone, gone).

No point, I guess -- just blowing off steam. I'm not really angry at the admins -- I'm sure they felt they were doing the right thing -- but I guess I am a little irked. Anyway, it's time to get over it.
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Ray put me in for one please, thanks and great write up
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Hey Ray,

I know I just got the Hornet lat week, but I also just got the first set of IEM's that I'm actually enjoying and thinking of possibly keeping around...if only they had a dedicated portable amp, I would have Happiness on the go, please help a new guy out.

Edited to add: I don't care about color or serial number, I just want in on what's sure to be another RS Audio fan favorite!!


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Hello Ray,

I liked the sound of the SR-71 very much but did not find the original Hornet to to my taste with my Sensas. If that new little guy is delivering the same grain-free natural sound as the SR-71 for IEMs in such tiny package, I am in!

My Stealth will be happy to have a little brother ;o).

Don't really care about serial number, but would provide input about the color if possible,

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Originally Posted by Ray Samuels

Hi Buddy....
I truely wanted to put you for Serial #1, but Edwood was the very first official friend who listened to the amp & requested the Tomahawk when released. If he does not care much about the first # then for sure it will be yours.

Some how Billy missed this one.
Ray Samuels
LOL, yay! I'm #1!

Is that a beautiful silver one I see?

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Yes, put me on the list for one, with a gain of 1 it is what the Doctor ordered since I listen at such low volumes. I will follow up with a PM as well. Thanks.
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Withdrawn - You can take me off this list/no longer interested - thanks, Shawn
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