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Hi Ray, as instructed by your email, here i am placing myself on the list. Hope i am eligible.
Thanks for the prompt reply btw.
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Hi Ray,

Please add me to the list.
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Count me in. Thanks Ray!
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Hi, Ray! How'd I miss this thread? I was up late and then woke 3 times until 6am (neck pain! - not bathroom breaks. Or was it just Head-Fi addiction!?!?!?) and still didn't catch it.

Please include me in the priority order list! I shouldn't spend the money, but I'll beat down my wife's onslaught -- I'll hold off the landlord. (Did I really say that?!)

Based the M-Hornet, I want the Tomahawk for my ES2 IEMs!!!!!

Best Regards,

P.S.: Are you sure I can't get racing green w/gold? Pretty Please? Jahn's Green Hornet looks sooooo nice.
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Darn you Ray....can you add me to that list as well.
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I really want to compare this amp to the ISA Diablo, but . . . I'd better not.
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Put me on the list also . Could I get #111 ( if possible). I prefer the silver one too , but if only the black one is available , that is plenty good enough for me . I have been waiting for someone to build on of these for a year .Thanks .
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Hi Ray,
Please ad me as well.
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count me in for the white one! also, could i get #168? (its a chinese thing...)
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Very very nice my friend, these should make nice little stocking stuffers
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Count me in

Please add me to the list. If possible, I would like #4, and if that is not possible then #44.

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adding my name to the list
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Hey Ray, count me in!
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I want it.


Please count me in. Also, #44 is my lucky number. I'd love to have it.

UPDATE: Paid for a black unit via Paypal fund transfer Dec. 11, 2006 (19:41:56 PST)

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Being that I was able to keep my mouth shut for so long I will expect my limited edition in the mail (titanium knob #1) Thanks uncle Ray!
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