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Re: True, Coolvj

Originally posted by Mike Walker
And some people take LIFE (too) seriously. But nobody gets out alive! We all need to chill a bit! God knows the (near) future will be difficult enough. Only a little occasional humor (and some sex would be nice too!) can perhaps make it bearable!

LOL Now you're talking

Greg Freeman,

I tried out the cotton trick and i got some very weird looks here
People here dont even appreciate good headphones
In my 7 years of living here...the best phones I have seen on anyone is the Koss KSC35's nothing better can you believe that?

Even in the market all you get is cheap earbuds of headphoes which are so overpriced that you could buy a nice pair of senns and grados sad story

Anyway the cotton makes things more clearer...than the foam plugs thats for sure but the ear wax collected on the nice white cotton was something to not let other people see

I think the best thing to do is keep the plugs in and screw the headphones in a noisy area...I'll just have to bear not listening to music.

Hmmm.........the etys look very nice all of a sudden

Here ety, ety, ety......does ety want a pair of ears?