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best cans with D-25S, unamped?

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Can anyone tell me what the best set of cans would be for use with a Sony D-25S, unamped? It will be used for bedside listening or at my desk. Here are the choices I have so far:

Sony MDR-V6
Senn HD280 Pro

I listen to alot of rock, and hip hop, pop, a little jazz, and no classical stuff. So what are everyone's recommendations? I'm trying to keep it around the $100 mark.

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Hi appar111,

I have the D25S and 280 combo. I wouldn't recommend it without an amp. It's ok but both have a slight tendency towards a light bass and brightness. Put them together and the mix can become abrasive on some of the worst recordings. I use a Cmoy between the two which helps matters quite a bit.
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I have the D25S and I use it both with the Grado SR80's and Senn HD580's unamped. With the Grado's it gets too bright and fatiguing, so generally I don't use that combo. With the Senns it sounds good but there's definitely something missing (which is why I have an amp on the way).

I have actually heard the D25S with the AKG 240S, but I didn't really get a chance to do a long audition. From my quick impressions they sounded better than the Grado's, with a fuller richer sound (not as bright). I didn't have my Senns at that point so I can't really compare the two. Plus the 240S is semi-sealed, while both the Grado and Senn 580 are open.

Oh yeah, I listen to rock, jazz, and a bit of classical. If you're willing to go a bit over budget, I think the Senn 580's are good (I think they are good for all types of music, despite what others say). I think you can get them for ~$120 some places online. I can't say much about the choices you listed there since I haven't really heard any of them.

cheers, chewmanji.
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why not spring for ER6s? if not, alessandro ms1s have been getting rave reviews...both are acceptable straight out of a CD player.

I have the HD580s and while they sound good from an unamped source (computer, cd player, etc) it is extremely dark compared to an amp.
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