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Sen 280 Pro vs. Beyer DT250-80

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Since I got the email regarding JVC shipment being canceled, I am back on the research for a closed heaphone w/o amp.

For those two heaphones, Beyer DT250-80 costs usually $50-70 more than the 280Pro, is it worth the extra bucks? How much is it better?

250-80 has smaller ear cups, I tried my friends Sony V6 and found that the ear cups don't go around ears (I don't know if this means the ear cups are little small, or my ears are little large), If 250-80 has the same earcups size as the V6, then I won't get it. Anything that puts pressure on ears is bad for me.
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The 250-80 earcups are shapped like the v6's because you can use the 250-80 pads on the v6's. The beyers have better sounding bass then the senns. It is more impactful and makes the headphone more injoyable imo.

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It depends where you stand on what you want to hear in your headphones. The HD280 may have less bass, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The HD280 is highly accurate and very detailed, and the bass goes plenty far down (though it does not have the same impact as other cans, as biggy mentioned). To me, the bass is plentiful enough on the HD280, and I find the overall presentation of music on the headphones quite satisfactory. The less impactful bass makes the presentation of sound a bit more articulate and more cohesive to me. I originally bought the HD280 to be solely used for monitoring purposes (owing to the flat response), but I am finding that I enjoy listening to music through them as well. Originally, I thought that they would be uncomfortable. But I have now grown quite accustomed to them and they do not bother me one bit (though any set of well-sealed cans make my ears a bit warm, including the 280's).

Granted, if you like bass and a lot of it, then you may want to consider something different. But just know that I feel like the bass is pretty sufficient for my personal tastes (and for several others as well).
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Originally posted by LobsterSan
Granted, if you like bass and a lot of it, then you may want to consider something different.

Seriously, get something other than the V-CRAP series if you like lots of bass.
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The thing about the 280 is, it gives you the bass that's actually THERE on the recording, without adding any midbass boost of its own. Some like that, some don't. But when there's a lot of deep bass on, say, a DVD rumble sound effect, you'll feel it. Maybe that's another point about the 280; because of its low extension, the bass is sometimes more "felt" than heard.
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Can you replace earpads on 280Pro with those on 580? Or do those on Beyer ones fit? and if yes where can I get those?
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Earcups are the basis of your choice????????????????
Either will go around the ear. Even the V6 works as long as you cant the headphone backwards, I can wear it for hours that way.
The two phones sound totally different. The HD280 is very sharp and precise, whereas the DT250 is somewhat wooly and overtly bassy in comparison. I've finally worked out what 'soundstage' means and on the HD280 it's great. On the DT250 it's less impressive. I think this is one of the things that put me off the DT250 and not the relatively warm sound (which is nice). If you don't like a sharp sound then you should steer clear of the HD280.
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Ok, I ordered 280Pro from Etronics, at 75 bucks it's not bad.
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