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Good cans for portability..

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Hey everyone.. I'm new to this board so I don't know whether this question has been addressed or not already but I did look around a little. I currently own the KSC-50. I am pleased with the sound I get from my 50s.. but I wouldn't mind taking it up a notch and getting something a little more comfortable. Do the portapros offer any advantages over the KSC-50? I know the KSC-35 model is suppose to be superior because of the fit, but I can't seem to find it anywhere on the market. Also, since we're talking about something a little bigger, would it be worth shelling out the extra $20 bucks for some Grado SR-40s? Some people on this board seem to think they blow away all the other cans in the price range. Or should one wait for a comparison between the new Sennheiser line and the low end Grado line? Thanks!! I appreciate any feedback..

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maybe my thread might help you...

Right here
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I too am looking for good portable headphones along the lines of Grado 125/325, ATH-EM7 or Sennheiser PX200/250. It would be great if could get some impressions about these headphones, or maybe even some comparisons. Personally I'd use my Porta CORDA to drive them off the r70.
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