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I bought another bottle of Kobe #51 :etysmile::etysmile::etysmile:


I figured, why not. By the time I use up the two bottles...well, it'll be a long time until then. I've decided to dedicate a VP to #7 and #51 exclusively (with periodic breaks of Pilot BB and Diamine Midnight, I imagine), and keep it on the Techo. Given the 0.5mL per fill for the CON-50, I reckon it'll take ~200 fills for the two. Techo writing will typically finish that up in a week. So we're talking 200 weeks here :etysmile:


Oh, brother...I have 6 more bottles on the shortlist, and that'll probably be it for a good while.

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Where does one can buy calligraphy nibs, holders, paper and ink in Europe ?

Shipping from US is quite expensive + taxes...


Appreciate your suggestions.

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Not being from Europe, and not having done anything with calligraphy pens other than to draw (in the past), I struggled to find an answer for this. I recently came across a link to an art supply store in the UK that stock calligraphy supplies, and sells online. Shipping seems reasonable. Hope that helps.

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People are probably familiar with the Four Seasons line of inks from Sailor, which had replaced the previous standard line (Apricot, Epinard, Sky-High, etc). However, I imagine that a lot of the people that were not involved in the hobby pre-2010 might not have known that the Four Seasons were previously a limited edition release, and that there had been eight others colours released alongside what is now the current lineup. Well, rather, what had formerly been the current lineup. There had been a re-issue of the remaining eight sometime towards the beginning of this year, but from what I understood, it was going to be a one-time thing. Last month, Bruno from Cronica Estilograficas (great blog, got me started on my Japanese pocket/long-short pen collecting streak a while back) reported that they were being re-issued. I was initially confused as to whether he had been referring to the limited, one-time thing, or something else entirely, but as it turns out, it was the latter. It seems to be limited to the Japanese market at the moment, but it does appear to be a complete reissue.



I do like that the newly introduced colours add some much needed brightness to what was a fairly dark palette (Nioi-Sumire and Souten aside), but some of the lighter colours have been criticized as being too light for use in writing (Sakura-mori, Yuki-akari, Fuji-musume - in fact, the previous pink in the standard line, Peche, looks pretty much identical to Sakura-mori, and that was probably the least favourite out of the lineup for a lot of folks). I like the lighter colours myself.


I'm not too keen on collecting the whole lineup this time around. A lot of colours overlap strongly with existing inks in my collection. There are two that do not though (at this point in time): Chu-Shu and Rikyu-Cha.

Pictures all thanks to user Lgsoltek and their reviews on FPN.



Waka-Uguisu and Irori were enticing at first, but I will probably have Chiku-Rin coming in shortly to substitute for the former, and I have two 30mL bottles of Wild Strawberry to substitute the latter.

I've heard that Atsu (cool-japan) will probably be able to get these for you if you ask. I might bundle the two in with a Kobe purchase in the future (probably #14 and #34).

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On the topic of inks, I've noticed the Robert Oster line turning into the new hotness over on FPN. Some of the inks are fairly solid offerings, not unique by any means, but I can appreciate them for sure. There were a couple that struck me as being really nice, and fortunately, somebody had already compared three of them.

That user (migo984) has some good taste, to have picked the three that stood out the most for me, right off the bat :) They're also fans of the Kobe #51 - everything's come full circle.


Cyber6 has a 3-part review on the whole lineup here (1, 2, 3). Same review process as with the KWZ inks I had posted about a page back, so that's something to compare with.


On the topic of #51 - I've been noticing that Noodler's Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham could be a closer match than I had initially thought. The Noodler's looks to be a bit less dark, a bit less blue, more purple. Probably because of that prominent red component that comes off as sheen, whereas the Kobe sheens green and has a green component in the chromatography (you can also tell by the tinges of green that end up on your fingers). But still, fairly close.

Pictures from the Wonderpens Blog; they are also the only distributors of Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham, as it is a Canadian exclusive. Will stress that I have no affliation with them - they are on the other side of the country. It's just a good photo.


Although these pictures would not suggest that (being from the same reviewer too!). I imagine vis had a weird sample of the Noodlers. Heck, it looks closer to #7 in this shot.

(Left: Noodlers, Right: Kobe).


Speaking of:

(Thanks again to migo984)


This shot makes the Noodler's look closer to #51.

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I really like that Jade example on the right in the top illustration...looks elegant; rich.

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