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Wow i didnt even know this thread was here. For anyone else there is a forum for FPs that is about the same level as this board in its respective area called FountainPenNetwork. I've been a member there for some time. Anyways i ammassed a decent collection over the past few years but havent made any purchases lately. Heres my List!


If you want any photos/reviews let me know:

Sailor Professional Gear Black - Naginata Togi MF

Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age - Fine

1985-1990 Montblanc 149 - Fine

Namiki Metal Falcon - John Mottishaw Spencarian

Pelikan m215 - Richard Binder 0.6 stub, 0.7 Crisp Itallic, Fine

TWSBI Diamond 530 - Fine, 1.5mm Stub

Visconti Salvador Dali Dance of Time Blue - Fine

Pilot Vanishing Point Matte Black, or blue with Rhodium trim - 0.6 Crisp Cursive Itallic, fine, medium, broad

TWSBI Diamond 580 clear - Pendleton Bad Boy with Angel Wings

Pilot Knight - Medium

TWSBI Diamond 580 Rose Gold - Pendleton Stub

Pelikan m620 Place de Concorde City Series - Medium

Parker 15 - Restored by Greg Minuskin

Cross Townsend Medallist - Medium nib, has issues

Nakaya Portable Cigar Kuro Tamenuri - Soft Medium 2 tone stub

Nakaya Desk Pen Aka Tamenuri w/ base - Medium

Platinum 3776 #50 Midnight Ocean 

Platinum Maki-e Sumiko Black Tiger - 0.6 Crisp Cursive Itallic

Pilot Custom 823 Amber - Broad (out for repair, will be returned Shortly)

Really nice collection!


I'm a sucker for Visconti, so would love to see a picture of the Dali.


I've also been thinking of picking up the Pilot Custom 823, how broad is the Pilot broad?  Is it a wet nib?


And yes, a number of us from this thread hang out over on FPN too!

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I might have found my favourite Gel-Pen refill... Even dethroned the Pilot Hi-Tec C 0.4 for me. I really do not like the Pilot Hi-Tec C blue, too dark and purplish, forcing me to use the Blue-Black all the time.


The Uniball Signo 207 0.38 in Blue, the ink is very nice blue. Not unlike the Kon-Peki even! <3


The best part is how it writes, it writes slightly wet while having a decent feedback. I found it the closest thing I have written that feels similar to my Pilot VP Fine, the Hi-Tec C doesn't give you any feedback on a Rhodia pad at least, making my handwriting a fair bit more messy.


Once my Ti2 Techliner body comes in, I can see this being my favourite non-FP ever... Can't wait.

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