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Originally Posted by milkpowder View Post
I think you're referring to this one!

PR ink can be bought from http://www.thewritingdesk.co.uk/
You can also get Noodlers from the writing desk.

I'm already a member(also under milkpowder)! There are Head-Fi'ers on that forum btw I can't quite remember all of them, but I think Lisa is on there! It was she who recommended using Waterman Florida Blue with my now-sold Waterman Carene! Also, there was a mention of the "Sorry about your wallet" unofficial Head-Fi motto
Nah, not the wallet thing, head-fi was down when we were both hanging out there IIRC.

I'm just a newbie with a handful of budget pens and a small row of inkbottles to play with though. If it wasn't for that faulty pen I got in ebay( Waterman Audace Enchanted Garden) I would never have looked for that place and never found out about all those inks. It's just like head-fi, really. Emptying your wallet while you browse the forums.

I finally got that Waterman Audace to work a few days ago, BTW. Somehow it doesn't play nice with a converter. I put in a half full cartridge that I needed to put somewhere where it wouldn't dry and the pen started working flawlessly all of a sudden. And I can refill a cartridge with every colour ink I want to so that doesn't matter really.
Beautiful pen to look at, Waterman Audace:
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Originally Posted by hummer26 View Post
What a gorgeous pen you have there! I can't tell, is that an oblique nib? What filling system does it use? Can I get it in blue? Is that celluloid from bars or rolls?

Love the limited edition wrenches btw, lol thats awesome.

So omg, it looks like a lot of Head-Fi'ers are also FPN'ers, that is very cool! milkpowder, I saw your MB for sale, gorgeous pen, unfortunately a bit out of my reach right now. I think I got a great deal on the 146, paid a bit over 150USD for it. Of course its used, purchased in 1993, and has some staining on the nib.

These are my two hobbies, I tend to go from one to the other. For example, right now I am very happy with my current rig, so I find myself spending more time over at FPN and the green boards looking for good deals used.
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Another penfreak over here. Never posted on FPN, but I used to follow the Pentrace boards a long time back. I collect mostly vintage MBs, but have some modern stuff too. I'll make a big post when I take some pictures.
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I've had a Lamy Studio for about a year now that has never let me down. I call it Vera. The paint is scratched off a bit near where the clip has rubbed against it, but it's still damn pretty.

I was recently let down by Noodler's, where a sceptical lick n' wipe left a bet-losing smudge. I tried to explain that it was technically still indelible, but ended up trailing off in a defeated sort of way.
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These are the closest I have to decent pens...

The fountain pen was a gift from my mother, it is a Levenger Verona. Unfortunately the pen isn't that great of a writer, to me. The last pen is a Sensa Cloud 9. I'm also into mechanical pencil's but didn't take any pics of them. Sorry for the not so great pics.
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Here are some photos of my Christmas gift. It's a Waterman Hemisphere.

[Sorry the first photo didn't come out well]

Here's my Cross ballpen, this is the one I mostly use in school, as it's more durable and easier to pull out quickly than the Waterman.

I couldn't really capture the actual color of the pen in a photo, here's my best attempt.

Because engraving is awesome

My beautiful handwriting
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Oh yeah, I got a digital camera for Christmas! Here are some amateur shots. I do not own a tripod yet and I'm naturally shakey, so:

Battle of the Middle-Weights!

MB146 and M800.

I prefer the M800, I love Pelikans. But the 146 is a fine writing instrument, don't get me wrong.

Here is my workhorse, as the old ad campaign said, "Like a pen from another planet!"

Parker "51", this is an aero I believe from the late 40's (I'm not a 51 expert). The 51 is my goto pen, tough as nails and always writes, never leaks.

And of course, a collection isn't complete without the obligatory:

Yellow Lamy Safari! Wootness!!

Just a few there, I'll take some more pics when I get some new batteries into my Canon.
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Personally I just use some simple Cross I come around here and there. My mom makes fun of how bad my father's and my writing is, even though we're both picky about our pen choices. I don't like using fountain pens, so these are my main.

I was also into multi-functional pens a while back, because I'm unbelievably lazy, but then I couldn't stand the ink quality on those.
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I am liking the Sheaffer touchdown pens from the 50's with the Triumph nibs. They write great, have an easy filling system and are moderately priced. They don't look as nice as my Pelikans, but they write just as well.

I just got a Sentinel Deluxe and 2 Crest Deluxes.

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I'd never been into fountain pens, but a friend gave me a Parker 51 a few months back. That may have been the most expensive gift I've ever received The collection started slowly but it's starting to gain momentum (last week included an oversize Sheaffer Balance, Sheaffer PFM 4, and Stipula DaVinci LE ) It doesn't hurt that I live near a top nib expert, and he's able to tune anything I get that doesn't feel exactly right.
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my Visconti Van Gogh Maxi with 14k medium nib in vanilla



er, yeah... i was bored and thought why not stick a shuffle on top of my pen? perfectly normal...
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Thread Starter 
jjhatfield, beautiful pens! The LeGrande, Safari and M800 look gorgeous!

It's funny how I used to have the a Mont Blanc and a Pelikan, both one model lower than yours: Chopin and M600. I too preferred the M600.IMHO, Pelikan make better everyday pens than Mont Blanc. The nib is smoother and the ink delivery is more controlled. Not to mention Mont Blanc pens cost nearly twice what you would pay for a similarly sized Pelikan. Hence, I sold my Chopin awhile ago and my M600 is now my daily pen. I haven't regretted doing so

jnapier, again, what a gorgeous pen! I'm contemplating getting a Sandy Brown/Red one myself How do those write?
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Originally Posted by milkpowder View Post
How do those write?
i think it's fairly smooth and slightly flexy, though this is my first fountain pen ('cept from a £5 Parker) and can't really compare it to any other pens. but it is well balanced.
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Some of my collection, which is already starting to get out of hand. I think I've got more pens than headphones

Stipula DaVinci Infinity LE (188 pens were made with this color). Nice retractable nib.

Visconti Empire LE

Omas Paragon

Pelikan Souveran 800

Sheaffer PFM IV

Sheaffer Balance, oversize, circa 1934

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Originally Posted by jnapier View Post
my Visconti Van Gogh Maxi with 14k medium nib in vanilla

The Van Goghs are beautiful pens! Each one's unique.. I have it in blue and green.
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