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Wheatfield HA-2?

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has anyone listened to this amp? it specs looks pretty good, SET OTL, tube rectifier. pretty much a very puristic tube headphone amp. its fairly expensive price puts it in the same league as the EMP and the mid price Headrooms. just wondering how it sounds!!
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Me too.
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Me three! I've been looking for impressions on this amp for a while. The people at HeadRoom seem to like it. Has anyone else heard it?
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this is my amp BUT, i dont have anything to compare it to.
a lot of my tubes have been screwed up since when i got it(no longer).
right now i am enjoying it with some 990s and about $200 worth of tubes.
id like to take a step higher though. but right now spending that much money on myself seems a little selfish...
sorry i cant be of more help, but make sure you dont pair these with grados. this is not an amp for those even with the lower imp tubes.
get a credit card and get a plethora of different amps and try em all out! its the only way to KNOW you have the amp and cans you want.
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Yeh, I guess I could use a bunch of audiophile terms to describe this amp. But, the bottom line is that if you want to enjoy the music instead of trying to analyse it, this is the amp for you. Good luck!
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