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I'd second that, but I actually think the HP-1 is the best dynamic phone at any price. (odd man out on the R10 issue)

Either way it's cool to see another R10 owner out there. I'm eventually going to be able to think of the R10s without associating them with petty arguments and a bad taste in my mouth. But I'm confused... how are you using that amp with the R10 and HD600? Do you have the ASL UHC Signature or something?
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Grado HP-1, HP-1000..
I assume these are discontinued models .. how much are they used? not like I can afford it anyway..but..a target to work towards perhaps
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ablaze, the hp-1 and hp-1000 are the same model.
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yep. thanks. I realised that just now doing a search
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Originally posted by wallijonn

look at the high bid.
woah. what happeneed to those!
seller changed his mind?
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Kelly: the amp is an integrated that doesn't even have a heaphone jack normally. Mine has new circuitry using upgrade caps, resistors (yawn), all the usual stuff (read my earlier posting in this thread). The two RCA and one balanced output were added using Van der Hul speaker cable as the wiring into the circuit. This then inspired the use of the VDH cable into the AKG's. Three of us did completely single-blinded hearing test between it and the Stefan Audio Art and, everytime, the cables were guessed correctly. Not one mistake. So we were obviously of the concensus that there was a big improvement. Is is worth the cost? To me yes.

BTW, the guy that is doing this is Mike Thompson of Audio Upgrades in Toronto (416) 269-4911. He is the person that Tash from Divergent Tech uses to help iron out and sometimes even re-design elements of the ASL products. He is also trying to help out with the Twin Head debacle. I can only sing his highest praises.
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Mike Thompson! Wow, now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time. I used to work with him at American Sound but we were friends for a few years before that. Lost contact with him when I moved back here. I tried emailing Angie at American Sound but she never got back to me. Mike's a pretty brilliant guy, I still have his interconnects but the CD Player he designed died a few years ago. He's especially talented with tube gear. He's definately the guy I learned the most from in audio.

Do you happen to have an email address for him? If your talking to him tell him Phil says hi and I'll try to get in touch with him soon.
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Ok, I want a pair of the Sony R10s. It will make a nice stocking stuffer for me!
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msjjr: I had heard you acquired these but didn't want to make that public just in case things had fallen through or you wanted to keep it quiet. I am VERY pleased to read you have them and love them. I hope I can side with kelly. I have never heard the R10's so I just keep convincing myself that the HP-1's are the best Of course, we should get together some time and have a nice shootout.

That suped up amp sound incredible as well! Very cool indeed.
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Yes, send those cans on a tour of Ontario.

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it can't be too far between Pickering and Toronto...

sounds like a meeting is gonna hapen soon. good listening guys.

sorry elnero, you gotta take the ferry... say hello to Cape Muncton (is that right?, the place that reminds everyone of Scottland) for me. Did Halifax ever go cosmopolitan? Are there still $2 lobsters? ($1 a pound. cooked. - what a deal).

heck, you can probably get the guy from Chicago and Detroit to join you. Andre, how far is Pittsburg to Pickering? a ferry for you, too?
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LOL, wallijonn you crack me up.

You must have visited the Atlantic Provinces before.

You were close, it's Cape Breton, which is part of Nova Scotia. There is also a city in New Brunswick called Moncton.

Actually we have a nice long 13 km bridge now, so no more waits for the ferry but it's still a good 1500 km's to Toronto.

I'm not sure on the price of Lobster, I know it's gone up over the past few years but I don't really like seafood so I don't pay that much attention to it.
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Originally posted by kelly
I'd second that, but I actually think the HP-1 is the best dynamic phone at any price. (odd man out on the R10 issue)

They're pretty good if you don't mind the vise clamp effect on your head!! It's just a metal frame you bend to shape over your head and I found them REALLY uncomfortable.

Plus, after listening to some RS-1s I'd have to give the nod to the RS1s - at least to my ears!!! They had a soundstage that was just incredible. With the modified Sennheiser pads on them it was a treat to listen to these cans!!!!!! These can be had for about $400 used.
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You may not have noticed it since you apparently were listening to someone else's HP-1000, but the headband is somewhat malleable, allowing you to find a fit that works. For example, it took some adjustment to get my HP-2 to a size that will stay on my head at all:

[Picture's not linking correctly: visit here to see it.]

I've heard/seen others complain that the HP-1000 headband appears to be sized for a melon -- maybe your head is bigger than a melon?

By the way, I also really liked the RS-1 with flat pads in the short time I spent with it.

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