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Compleeeeetly off topic - GBA

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While I setup a server in .ru to spam Nintendo with 1.2M messages a day, I could use some reverse engineering help with GB Advance.

The stupid (insert bad word here) still didn't put in backlighting... batteries be damned, I NEED BACKLIGHTING or the thing is totally worthless.

Now if the LCD is reflective I'm hosed, I'll have to figure out how to light it from the edges, but if it's not.... it's getting an electrolumeniscent treatment.

I think I can fit the inverter internal if it's small enough, or external with it's own power supply is just fine too... anything but the way it is, or one of those idiotic top-down lights.

SO - Has anyone taken one apart yet? I just ordered the tri-head drivers to open it, and you know I'll post everything I do to it including pics to any high-traffic site that'll let me when it's done... but I need some help at this stage.

We should probably keep this off HeadFi, so email me. :P
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Mmmmmmm hacking.. yum. Up next: portable NES. Gotta be a better way than the Portendo.
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Some peopel are working on this already


they been trying to find a way to backlit the screen from the inside, so far no success yet.

As far as lighting goes. If you do not mind order from a Hong Kong or Japan store, I HIGHLY recommend the Light Boy Advance.

It is the ONLY NINTENDO Official light for GBA. and it IS the best of all lights. I received my Light boy advance 2 days ago and it is GREAT. I can play Castlevania in PURE dark with just this light !

This light works a little different than other crapola ones. It has 2 quality bulbs to start with, then when you turn on the light, the light hits the magnifying glass and creats this (light Diffusion effect) and distributes the light evenly. Also because how the magnifying len works, it changed the angle on the Bulb reflection on the screen. I really like it a lot. THe magnifying glass really does not magnify the screen size by much. It was placed there to creat the *light diffusion effect* and change the light bulb reflection angle so you dont see 2 bright lights on screen. The Light boy advance also runs on 2 AAA batteries, so does not drain main battery on GBA.

here is a GBA light modification from the pelican Light

downside is this will drain battery VERY fast.

ALso, a LCD contrast dialer was discovered


turning it can brighten the screen ( or dim the screen if u turn other way ) This is meant for nintenco tech support to use and adjust screen contrast level( which makes the screen Brighter)
My friends has done this and It INDEED increased the display brightness. His castlevania after the adjustment has more details than my non adjust version. also much more visible.

But keep in this this is only for nintendo tech people to play around with, not for END users ( which is why he hole is covered)
But it is not hard at all, just tun with a tiny screw drier a little bit ( and check screen at same time) that is all ! dnt even have to open case.

Nintendo people found out that a lot of end users are doing this modification, so they released a public warning


So it is up to you if you want to do it or not. ALL my friends did and loved the after mod screen brightness.

I dont know if you been following the GBA scene.

Right now There is a NES emulator that just came out for GBA.
But you will haev to buy one of those Linker+64mbit flash cart so you can flash the nes emulator and nes rom to the cart. Then use GBA to load it up. Still has some bugs from some userfeedbacks, but it is looking really good.

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Thanks Tides... that portablemonolopy link was just what I needed!!

Yea, I tried the sunseibu light (technically I'm not supposed to have the GBA and the games that I have already, being in the USA... but welcome to NYC! YO Whatchooneed?)

I don't care if everyone thinks it's the best one so far, it's completely unacceptable. I'd rather not use it at all than a top-down light source.

I'm thinking along the lines of the portablemonopoly crew; let's retrofit a different screen if even if we have to, let's have a different custom case molded to hold the new mods and the GBA guts, ANYTHING... but it must be backlit under any circumstance. If it looks any less bright than a laptop or even a color handheld, it's unacceptable. I'll sell it or give it to my little brother.
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