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cans for around $70?

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Well, looks like I'm gonna have some extra dough and was wondering what cans I should spend it on. Something that's fairly easy to drive. I've already got sportapros and portapros, and a pair of Sony Studio Monitor headphones (but they're not the V6's). So I'm leaning towards something like maybe AKG K141S, or something supraaural or closed. Heck, I don't know, just something new!

What does that leave me with, option wise, for around $70?

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Grado SR-60. Great introduction to Grado sound. Of course, this is just my opinion.
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For a closed phone, I would think that you can get the
Sennheiser 280Pro on sale at Amazon for $80(listed
$200), and download the rebate form (headroom) to
get another $10 rebate on it. This $70 buys you a
quality pair. Otherwise for a non-closed phone try
the Grado SR-60. Depending on what you use with
the phones they would be different, it is difficult to
just select with $70 as criterion. SR-60 is more
versatile in that sense, it is easily driven. I use them
in different settings.

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Well, I'll be listening to a variety of music, mostly rock and hip hop, a little jazz, but not classical.

Are the HD280 Pro's pretty easily driven? I've heard they're pretty good for rock music, but I've heard the same of the Grado SR60's...

Which are more comfy?
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Or you can buy my Grado SR-80's for $70 shipped to ya :P. Still 3 or 4 months of warranty left too.
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To me 280 and SR60 both sound very good for rock/jazz,
provided that they are used with the proper driving amp.
SR60 is more forgiving.

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If you get some Grados look into getting the large bowl pads to go with them. Makes a big difference!! Even Head Room recos getting these pads, but then again they sell them!!
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Originally posted by appar111
Are the HD280 Pro's pretty easily driven?
To answer that question:

The HD280 Pro's can be easily driven by a portable, but will sound significantly better with an amp.
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The Grado SR60 seems to be just perfect for you. They retail for $69, you might be able to get them for less.
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