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After buying an iPod I started to look for an earbud that would let me enjoy music and not just just "hearing it"...

Very soon I found Head-Fi and started to read as musch as I could in order to decide what to buy.

Wanted a very portable headset that would allow me to really enjoy music when I am not at home while keeping size and weight at a minimum.

Decided to go for the Ety ER-6 (the ER-4P seemed a bit out of my budget target for music on the go..) and got it three days ago.

I am not going to get into descriptions of the sound quality as it was done before and in depth in this forum, the bottom line (for me) was: the sound was at its best if I got a good seal but it was difficult to achieve and when I did get it right my ears started to hurt after 10 minutes of listening.

Was ready to give it up when I read about a mod for the ER-6 that seemed to help. Here's my slightly modified version.

In short:
1) get a foam earplug
2) cut them half in length
3) make a hole in the center with a hot needle or nail (3-4 mm)
4) take out the ER-6 silicon earplug
5) insert the ER-6 "driver" into the hole of the earplug
6) slide the silicon earplug back on

The results in the attached picture. Sorry for the low resolution but the pic had to be less than 25K...

The result:
- Much simpler to get a perfect seal
- Much more confortable (probably because I do not have to push them in so much)
- Slighly better bass (...I think...)

Hope this helps anyone that wants the ER-6 sound but could not manage to "slide them in" right.

Thanks to all the great contributors in this forum that allowed me to learn so much about headsets in such a short time and introduced me to truly high-class portable music.