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amp and speaker demo tour :D

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i went around to a few shops here and there and demo'd a bit of eq

the winner is the Redgum RGi35s amp and Legend Kurre speakers
i was told that this amp is way better than the rega amps too.

jesus christ this combo rocks...the kurre is like 11kg OMG

the redgum is 1075 bux and 950 for the legend
7 yr guarantee on both

also the speaker cable is Nordost Flatline Gold speaker cable for 66 a metre

those i tested was a nad c370, marantz pm6100sa, marantz pm6010ose, rega brio and mira.

btw the shop quoted the redgum 35w amp as 47w !!!!! their computer told them that so wow 47w amp baby hehe

i also heard the Epos M12 which sounded abit differently from the legend but very similar...more bass extension but less captivating

also heard the kef q35.2 and q55.2 which didnt even come close to the legends.

the similarly priced mission 773e didnt come close either to the midrange and clarity so i didnt bother with the tannoy's

so hard to decide hehe
help me !!!!!!!!!!

btw this is all in aussie dollars and on a side note aussies seem to get a 50% discount on redgum products

for US dollars divide by 2

a very happy CT out !!
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congrats on the new setup man! bet it sounds great

never heard of those brands tho, it's usually Mission, Tannoy, JBL and B&W around here.

so, what did all this cost in the end ?
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the speaker r about 445 US
the amp r about 495 US

the dude said that the tweeter is the same 1 used in many very costly studio monitors so that's gotta b a good thing hehe

here's review
also has the model name of the midrange and tweeter used

check out www.redgumaudio.com.au
mine's is the RGi35s (a tad more expensive than the RGi35s)

i was testing it with the Epos M12 which cost a bit more and i cant tell much a difference between the 2...there's is a very subtle 1...the M12 is similar in weight too hmm....

the cabinet is made out of 1" mdf all round and is bloody heavy lol

here's a nice link for the redgum


the nordost super flatline is about 33US a metre and im getting 2 metres

both r aussie products btw
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here's a link to the kurre's bigger bro but has the same midrange and tweeter

it has a pink noise freq responce chart that u mite find interesting
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I found their website.


Its the amp with a key!

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The speakers look nice too.

What are you using for a source?
Good luck with your sweet setup.

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Why would you need a key?

I mean it's not like you are trying to start up an Orpheus
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thanx guys

hehe the key is unique for each amp so .... a few reasons :

*it looks kewl
*security...as each key has its own code
*it looks kewl
*makes it look classy
*it looks kewl
*can take the key with u and the amp is (almost) useless
*and did i mention its sooooooooooooo kewl

but i rather it have a button labeled "Go Baby"

the amp is rated as 35w but was benched at 47w !!!!!
and has peak(BS) power of 150w

it has a gurantee that its practically indestructible lol for nething u can do to it inc shorting it out lol and its also guranteed that it wont clip even if the volume is maxxed out... WOW !!

every1 prefers it over the rega amps

my souce is a CD6000ose

getting custom made interconnects

i cant decide between the Legend Kurre's and the Epos M12's
about 250US apart...the Epos are monitors.

btw r u familar with the tweeter and woofer used in this?
the newer 1s have the updated version of both
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Am I misinterpreting things, or does the Redgum CD player in that review (according to the description, anyway) use a Creative Labs CD-ROM drive as the transport?
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yap it does

cheaper to repair the lazer

u could use ne cd/dvd rom drive as long as they have play buttons hehe
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Your are right, I saw that too.
Interesting choice to say the least!
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i think they r using that coz its only 1s and 0s u get??

nothing much u can do about it
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well Ctn, surely jitter plays a part (i.e. the timing of when those 1s and 0s get read), doesn't it? And even so, for that money, I'm sure they could afford a decent Sony or Phillips transport mechanism...maybe you're right, but for $2k Canadian (no jokes about that being worth US$3.50, please..), they could've atleast removed the Creative logos..peace of mind and all that..
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did u read y they did that on the redgum page?

they take care of the jitter electronically after it has been passed of the transport

so i read
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