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How do I open up my Senn HD570's ???

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Hi guys...

I have a bit of a problem, my senn HD570's lost sound in the right ear. I hear a rattle if i shake the cans a little bit... so I'm assuming, something either got disconnected, or broken off.. who knows.. i'm pretty sure the dynamic is still fine though.

So, i'd like to open the headphones up and take a look inside, to see if it's something that i could fix myself, or if it's fatal.

Problem is - i haven't got the slightest idea as to how to pry these babies open without damaging the casing.

I'd really appreciate if someone could advise me on how to open the cans, surely there is someone amongst this great and knowledgeable crowd who might have experience doing something like this.

Big thanks to all in advance, Cheers
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If you've got a warranty, I'd use it. Openning them your self would void it if the dealer or Sennheiser found out you did that. If you must open them, try looking for screws under the padding, I'm sure they would hid them so people don't tinker with them as much.
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I own the HD570. Mine rattle once and I discovered that I had hair and debris inside.

At Senn's website (I think the European german one has it, not the USA one) you can find a pdf file that tells you how to take the foam and pads off. After removing the foam, you can access and examine the driver. The foam and pads are designed to be replaceable. You can buy the replacement pads from sennheiser.

Pulling the velor pads is like pulling teeth. You have to get a good grip and pull it in a funny way. It will feel like you are about to tear the pads right off the base its glued on, but the whole thing should come off like a donut with the plastic backing/base. If you are really paranoid about ripping the pad off the plastic base, you should be able to partially lift the plastic backing off by tugging on the velor, then try to pry it open with your finger/stick underneath the base while still tugging the top.

If you need to access the actual inside of the plastic cabinet, I think you need to send it back for repairs. I don't know how to open the rest of it. I tried and it looks like its all locked up with plastic tabs and glue.
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thanks a lot.... i'll give it a shot
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