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Better headphones and possible headphone amp

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I got Sony MDR-V6's and have had them for a good while.. over a year now and I was lookin into something with more quality and proabably a little bit more bass. I listen to a lot of techno so mids and highs are more important than bass but a small boost would make these mdr v6's even more amazing. I have been eyeballing Beyerdynamic DT 250-80 and the sennheiser HD600's. The only thing is I am not sure if I can dump the green into a headphone amp right away. I need to know what yall think.. I am willing to spend no more than 250 dollars at most so if you could all throw some suggestions in the hat for headphones and if i need an amp as well throw in suggestions for that. Dont worry about the combined price if its over 250 i dont care the headphones just cant cost over that. Thanks guys!
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i suggest you get the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones...
they are the "king of bass" headphones from what i heard, and will be a solid upgrade from your v6's.

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The HD600 will cost you less than 250 if you are luck enough, but I don't know if the bass requirements you need will be met by it, if you pair it with a nice amp it will be a nice combo, I suggest you the MGHead it sounds pretty good with the HD600, but is big, and tubed....According to some headfiers the beyer DT770 sounds pretty good too and will cost you even less, but is up to you, you have to try both, with the source you like and then decide
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Uhhh. Wouldn't the MG Head alone go considerably over $250? If you like Sennheiser, look at thr HD 590s. They have lower power requirements and might suite your taste better than the 600 anyway. They are siad to be less laid back and more dynamic. I tried them with no amp for an hour or so at tweeter (cheap discman as source, but my music) and they were qwuite nice. I listen to a lot of electronic music as well, and I think they would do fine for you. The most you should pay for them is $175, beucase that's what meier-audio charges. You can get them as low as $150 new from some ebay shops, but I can't vouch for those. Inside the $250 budget, a cheap amp such as a meta42 might be good too. I haven't heard any amps yet, so I can't give you too much help. I have however heard the V6 twice, so I know what you mean. I don't think the bass an the 590 vs the V6 is still hard for me. I think the 590 is better, or at least will be better with an amp. The V6 has pretty good bass for unamped use, but it seems bloated. However, you had said that the bass was second to the mids and highs and I think the 590 is well above the V6 in any other catagory, especialy if you would like an open phone. Comfort on the 590 is to me, WAY better than the V6. It has the clamping that people talk aout with senn phones, but it went away pretty fast for me and I was left perfectly comfortable and knowing that there was no way they'd fall off. I'll bet you could use the 590 in a gyro gym. (Techno anyone?) Have fun, see if you can try some things out. Even trying one or two good phones other than what you have will give you a good referance point for when people make direct compairisons. Have fun!
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The HD580 (older brother of the HD600), when powered, and sourced well has bass that imo out performs the V6 by quite a wide margin

Its the matter of setting the system up though... took me over a year
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techno.. did i hear someone say techno?

you want a pair of dt770 pro's. I have them paired with a creek obh11 + obh2 psu. works a treat. mind you i'm mostly listening to em from my sb audigy.. that card is generally acknoledged as having slightly anemic bass. (am i going to have my head blown off when i get a decent source??? )

I'm not quite sure how the 250-80's rate against the 770's - i really should try and a source a pair for comparison.
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I suggested the HD600 because he asked for it specifically:

".....I have been eyeballing Beyerdynamic DT 250-80 and the sennheiser HD600's............"

as I've never tried the 250-80 and I have the 600plus MGHead, and later he says

"..........Dont worry about the combined price if its over 250 I don't care, the headphones just can't cost over that........."

the 600 is one of the best offers around this price amped, along with the 580 (a lot cheaper) and the DT770 all of them will make a nice combo with the MGHead or any other amp (but I've just tried MGHead and the OBH11, wich I personally didn't like) but I've just tried the 600 in that list...
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I get stunning, big-time results, for my taste, with HD 580s and a porta corda. Your mileage may vary.

For my ears, HD 580s outperform the V6s, HD497s, and Grado SR60s (all of which I'm very fond of) by a wide margin. So, IMHO, there's a way to take a clear step up.
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