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Need Opinions on a pair of can's for active use

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I'm somewhat new to the board, I'm sure this topic has been covered a few to many times. I want to get a pair of can's for snowboarding, that offer great sound, and are very comfortable to wear. I want to keep this price under 20 bucks too. So I guess, i'm not looking for "great" sound, but the best bang for the buck.

Today I scouted out Best Buy in thier headphone department of the store. I am really only limited to best buy's selecetion, because I want this as a christmas gift, so keep that in mind. I found 3 pair's of Koss' that I chose that are of the active type.

I'm not limiting my search to Koss, but it's one of the few brands at BEst Buy that I trust.

I'm wondering what is your opinions on these 3 headphones:

KSC 19 -

KSC 50 -

Which I hear are really good headphones for the price of the one reviews I have read thus far.

and the....

"The Plug" -

I figured "the plug" would sound the best, but I have not ever had a pleasurable expierience with headphones that have stuck in the ear. I always found them very uncomfortable....

also, would all of these fit well underneeth a hat, and not fall out of place while snowboarding???

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!

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Fuggedabout the Plug; it doesn't sound good without major modifications. And the KSC-19 sounds well, meh, nothing special. And the KSC-50 is so loose-fitting that it will fall off while snowboarding - and its open design means that any hat that comes close to blocking its vents will screw up the sound quality of that 'phone.
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interesting...thanks for the reply...

then i guess that brings me back to square one.....

I want the best bang for the buck for a pair of headphone's for active use. I would like to stay under 20 bucks if at all possible. I know that is a very low number for a few of you out there...

Any sugestions??

Thanks a lot in advance, i really aprreciate all the sound advice you can get here. I'm also a proud owner of the V6's thanks to this great forum!

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And another thing about The Plug:

Best Buy's $24.99 price is WAY too high for it. Koss's MSRP for it is only $14.99.
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Of those, the KSC-50 is CLEARLY the best. However, you have to fiddle with them to get them to stay on.

If you can find a pair, the KSC-35 sounds better AND fits better -- best active headphones, bar none.

They're discontinued, but you can still find them on ebay for around $25.
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$25 porta pros?
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Portapro stays on better than the KCS-35 or KSC-50. I
use them with a Muvo for trail running and long distance
training, the combination is perfect - lightweight, reasonably
good sound during when I am active, and it does stay on.
Sometimes I use the KCS-35/50 while on the bicycle or
stair machines.

Hope you find your right fit and enjoy.
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Well for me, the KSC 35 stays on just as well, if not a little better than the portapros. Both are great phones though.
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I picked up a pair of the plugs at Target on sale for $12 a while back. Instead of using the supplied foamies I made my own in a few minutes with foam ear plugs. They work great at the gym although the bass is to pronounced for my taste. But they do what I want and that is blocking out the noise from those that use the gym as place to exercise and gossip at the same time.
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Originally posted by Wilson
Portapro stays on better than the KCS-35 or KSC-50.
My experience with the KSC-35 is exactly the opposite. As standard portable headphones, the PortaPros are fairly stable, but can fall off fairly easily. If you clip them on properly, the KSC-35 really stick (in fact, a few times they've stuck too tightly -- it kinda hurts when the cord gets caught on one of the weight machines and the headphones don't want to let go of your ears ).
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