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Senn HD600 woes

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Hello all,

I've been lurking around for a while, but now I need to announce my presence with a plea for help

In summary my Senn HD600's have lost all sound in the left ear. I've searched the forum, and it would appear this is quite common for an HD600 of this age (about 2 - 2.5 years old). I've prised off the cover with a flat blade screwdriver and see that one of the wires has detached itself from the terminal post.

Has anyone else had this problem and tried fixing it by resoldering it? (I'm thinking of giving it a go, but the wire is finer than a cat whisker and looks v. fragile).

Any ideas would be much appreciated
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Though Sennheiser has fixed this problem on the HD600's in production now.
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The warranty extension works only if you have purchase it through an authorized USA dealer, not from any other place, there is a list of them on the website, and these dealers are the worst prices of the street market as you could imagine....
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By contrast, if you buy Sennheiser cans from the cheapest dealer, you may not be covered at all by any of Sennheiser's warranties. And there's a good chance that Sennheiser USA won't even touch any of their products that were sold at those cheap places (which, BTW, are highly likely to carry those models that are NOT intended for official distribution in the U.S.) - which means that you'll have to have the dealer service the 'phones for you, or you'll have to have the dealer act as a middleman who will then ship the phones all the way back to Germany (or Ireland, or wherever they got their stock from). And even if Sennheiser USA actually services the grey-market headphone, you may have to pay for all parts and labor charges, as well as all shipping costs.

BTW, not all authorized Sennheiser USA dealers charge rip-off prices on all Sennheiser headphones. One of the authorized Sennheiser dealers is a home-furnishings superstore chain called The Great Indoors - which sells the Sennheiser HD 600 for $249.99 (its other Sennheiser headphones sell for at or near full MSRP, regretfully). Headroom is another ($279 for the HD 600 new, $229 for the HD 600 B-stock).
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I'm not sure how Sennheiser USA has anything to do with this since catpawn is located in England. Wouldn't it make more sense to deal with Sennheiser directly, or through his local Senn dealer or even Meier-Audio if they are willing to help?
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Ahhh, that explains it. The 5-year warranty extension for the HD 600 applies only to those HD 600 purchases in the USA, by U.S. residents, from authorized U.S. resellers. If you bought your Senns outside the U.S., or you're not a U.S. resident, I'm sorry about that - you'll have only the standard 2-year Sennheiser worldwide warranty, nothing more.
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Well in Harvey electronics the guy ask me in my face 450....??? I got mine from Hififorless and I got the replacement pads for free when I blow mine off about a month ago, using the six months warranty, I just sent all the documents and they accepted them as a dealer in the USA and I pay them just 219 for it, I think that if you don't abuse of them they will last longer than the 5 years right? Unless a defect....
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If your skills at soldering are good, give it a go, but just make sure to get the thing soldered on quickly and don't linger around with the heat on the driver!!!

If not, take it to a local electronics repair shop and pay them a few quid to do the job for ya. A solder job is much cheaper than a new driver for the can!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks for the ideas, everyone.

I think I'll give resoldering a whirl - I'll report back the results
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Originally posted by catpawn
Thanks for the ideas, everyone.

I think I'll give resoldering a whirl - I'll report back the results

We eagerly await the results of the can's surgery!!!
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