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ERS Paper + Nordost Valhalla power cord = No weaknesses

Star grounding and mono block amps

After my PS Audio Gain Cell pre-amp broke I thought it was time to try all those tweaks I was scared to try before because I didn't want to mess up the synergy. I removed all the ERS Paper, removed the ICEpower modules from the GCC-100 amp and put each one on top of Magix levitation feet. Under the Magix I have Solid-tech Feet of Silence for further removal of vibrations.

I also sliced open a couple Nordost Valhalla power cords and did star grounding to a single point ground above the system. The ground wires are stiff so it's like a tent where I can later hang ERS Paper on. I used 55cm length Valhallas plus a 1m Valhalla as ground wire to plug into the wall.

I also replaced the modded 44cm Valhalla interconnect with 27cm Valkyrja speaker wiring because it is easier to hardwire. It's also more neutral with more low-level detail and smoothness.

For my amp, I replaced the 1m Valhalla with a couple 55cm Valhallas, I plugged each mono block amp into their own Isozone of the Premier Power Plant. The difference was similar as plugging them both into a JuiceBar with a Noise Harvester on it. Without the Harvester it sounded edgy and fatiguing, with the Harvester it sounded full and heavy. Removing the Premier Power Plant and plugging everything to the wall sounded fine also, as long as the Harvester was there. I rather spend the money on ERS Paper than a power conditioner, because ERS Paper doesn't have any weaknesses if applied correctly. Wrapping a 1m Valhalla with ERS Paper gave a much bigger difference than wall vs Premier Power Plant.

The low-level detail was surprisingly good even without any ERS Paper. It sounded very open and smooth, I could listen for hours without any fatigue.

Baking with ERS Paper

Since I removed all the ERS Paper I had a lot of small pieces of ERS Paper, I didn't know what to do with them, so I made a Valhalla with toilet paper rolls in 3 layers. The live and neutral signals are inside their own tubes, Tara Labs style.

I didn't think it would take so long to make, minutes turned into hours, hours turned into days. After 12 hours I already started hallucinating, it felt like someone was in my room looking at me. I didn't want to spend the time drinking water because I wanted to finish the cable. I didn't want any toilet breaks either. After a while my vision started getting blurry but since I'm no quitter, I just kept on going to the end. At one point it felt like I was baking rollcake.

It was the first and probably the last time I ever make a cable with 3 layers of ERS. The ERS Paper around my 1m Valhalla power cord costs almost a grand.

I used a dozen toilet paper rolls, cotton thread, packing tape, packing foam, dozens of sheets of ERS Paper.
All the layers of ERS Paper are separated with 1cm, because less than 1cm makes it sound muddy.


I have a 1m Valhalla plugged into the wall that has a single layer of ERS with 2-3 layers around the connectors. I switched to my newly baked triple layer Valhalla with nude connectors. It sounded a little smoother but the difference was very small. I switched back and forth and eventually didn't hear a difference.

Then it was time to compare a nude Valhalla vs my triple layer one. I had nude conductors hardwired into the Toroidal transformer of my DAC1 and the other end was plugged into Premier Power Plant. I replaced it with the triple layer Valhalla and the difference was HUGE. The whole openness flavor had shifted into blackness with more low-level detail, it is scary with new sounds all over the place. Based on previous experiments, the improvements with ERS Paper are cumulative. The more you wrap, the bigger the improvements. After the full system is wrapped and you have a tiny gap somewhere, it is audible.

Next I'm going to wrap my amp.
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Baking triple layer ERS Paper Valhalla power cord

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Take a day off
It will get better, I promise.

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He comes from "Planet Claire".
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I looked back at my first impressions when I wrapped everything before listening. It seems like the improvement I was hearing came only from wrapping the power cables, covering the insides of the chassis, and covering the bottom of the outer chassis.

I don't know if the small pieces on the circuit boards made a difference.
I'm scared to fry something (no money to replace) so I will just use ERS for what makes the biggest differences.
When I tweaked the Cary transport with ERS, I heard a huge difference from covering the insides of the small internal chassis with 2 sheets of ERS. But around the transformer I'm not so sure. A couple months ago I removed it from the transformer and it sounded fine.

After my tweak yesterday, it seems like ERS Paper around Valhalla power cord gives the biggest improvements. It sounds like PS Audio xStream Statement power cord on steroids!
And only 1 layer seems to be needed. I'm surprised how much EMI the ERS Paper reduces.
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ERS Paper = Best tweak ever! Again!

This newly baked 'Triple layer ERS Paper cotton thread dielectric packing tape & foam toilet paper roll separately isolated 1 conductor Nordost Valhalla power cable' made the biggest improvement I have ever heard.

After my system broke and I put all the leftovers on the floor, I isolated the amps from each other and did star grounding. I heard new rear soundstage but it sounded muddy from a crippled system. But I couldn't deny the rear soundstage was deeper than ever before. Magix levitation feet does this. I got the same improvements when I removed the P300 Power Plant transformers out of the chassis and put each one on top of their own Magix. And I also got the same improvement when I removed the vibrating Toroid out from the chassis of Benchmark DAC1 and put on top of Magix. Both of those tweaks made the biggest improvements I have ever heard. And now when I isolated each amp channel from each other, maybe I got an equally big improvement, but since my system was nude on the floor I didn't hear it properly.

Wrapping my DACs Valhalla cable with ERS Paper again made me hear it. The huge and open soundstage is blacker and clearer now. I hear new sounds I never heard before. My system broke, but instead I ended up with something much better than before, just by making all the tweaks I was scared of doing, and the best thing of all, my system now costs a fraction of the price than it did before.

Without my Valhalla wrapped in ERS Paper my system had less low-level detail than before, but after I separated the Valhalla conductors and put each one into their own 'Triple layer ERS Paper cotton thread dielectric packing tape & foam toilet paper rolls' my system has more low-level detail than before my system broke.

The pre-amp inside Benchmark DAC1 is not bad. My Gain Cell pre-amp was better, but the tweaks I did made much bigger differences. Even with the cheap integrated pre-amp inside DAC1 I'm hearing better sound than ever before. This DAC is only $975. The tweaks are where the real improvements come from.
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Originally Posted by Patrick82 View Post
Just because you have your equipment in the nude doesn't mean you have to be too. Put some pants on!
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That is the most frightening audio rig I have ever seen. Seriously, you have a lot of free time and money, ever thought about speakers?
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Originally Posted by Patrick82 View Post
I found this video: http://www.youtube.com//watch?v=i_6WuIAR18M

Does anyone know what he says in the end? "Classic case of...." ?
Originally Posted by Claus-DK View Post
WOW Patrick you got a "Wannabe" how cool is that...
Originally Posted by rhymesgalore View Post
this is CLEARLY a parody.......
I found the guy who made the parody. From Audioholics! http://forums.audioholics.com/forums...3&postcount=18
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Originally Posted by from audioholics forum
Usually i dont really like when you guys start going off on people who want to go the extra mile or whatever but.............


This guy has really truly serisouly gone nuts. LOL.. im watching it as I write this and really, It just gets better. Im not sure i can take this serisouly its that bad.

I think i figured out why he whispers, because he doesnt want to damage his hearing talking.

Come to think of it, I should make a parody of this.
I always thought it was because Patrick was afraid, that his mother would find out what he's doing in his room, and would come rushing in
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No offense..but those youtube videos are among the scariest I've seen in my entire life.
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Patrick..........GO FOR IT!

Just wallpaper yor entire room with ERS paper. I would add an extra layer vis a vie a beautiful Turbin for your cranium.

You are my American Idol.

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Originally Posted by jellybones View Post
No offense..but those youtube videos are among the scariest I've seen in my entire life.
Why are they scary? I thought my voice was calm instead of scary and aggressive.
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Originally Posted by rhymesgalore View Post
I always thought it was because Patrick was afraid, that his mother would find out what he's doing in his room, and would come rushing in
Mother (knocking on door): Patrick, what are you doing?
Patrick: Nothing.
Mother: You are playing with your ERS Paper again, aren't you?
Patrick: No.
Mother: Yes you are.
Patrick: No, I'm masturbating.
Mother: Yeah right. I can hear cutting and taping sounds.
Patrick: It's from my TV.
Mother: You don't have a TV anymore, you sold it!
Patrick: Go away! I want to tweak!!
Mother (enters the room): You need to go outside and get fresh air!
Patrick: I was outside yesterday.
Mother: You were just sticking your head out the window for two seconds!
Patrick: So?

(Mother starts dragging Patrick outside)

Patrick: Aaahhh my frail bones!
Mother: Some fresh air will make you think better, you will thank me.
Patrick: I get all the air I need from listening to my Valhalla cables!
Mother: It's not real!
Patrick: What? You...are...SKEPTIC??!!
Mother: ...

(Mother closes door and leaves Patrick outside)

(Patrick starts banging on door)

Patrick: Let me in! I need to tweak!!

(1 hour later police arrives)

Cop: Is there a problem here?
Patrick: Yes, I want to tweak my audio system but my mother doesn't let me!
Cop: You tweak what?
Patrick: My audio system.
Cop: I can't hear you, why are you whispering?
Patrick: I'm not whispering, this is my tweaking voice.
Cop: But you aren't tweaking now.
Patrick: No, but I'm thinking about it.
Cop: That is not a reason to call the police.
Patrick: Why?
Cop: That's not what we are for.
Patrick: But you have all the guns!

(Patrick starts grabbing police officer's gun)

Cop #2: Watch out!

(a loud cracking sound is heard when the cop breaks Patrick's arm)

Patrick: Aarrghhh!!!
Patrick: My...my...tweaking arm!

(Patrick faints to the ground)

(2 hours later Patrick wakes up)

Patrick: Where am I? Who are you?
Cell mate: Bend over!
Patrick: Hi, Ben. Do you like to tweak?
Cell mate: Yes.
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I'm not sure what to say. There are times when it seems like Patrick's account has been hijacked, or maybe he's just schizophrenic.
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