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7 Seconds - The Crew
Negative FX/Last Rites
Sodom - 10 Black Years (Best Of)
Sheer Terror - Bulldog Edition
Comin Correct - In Memory Of...
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Radiohead- Kid A
Chopin- Nocturnes (ashkenzy)
future sound of london-dead cities
Soundgarden-Down on the Upside
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Some CD's I played today while studying:

Tortoise - Standards
Weather Report - Black Market
DAAU - We Need New Animals
Future Sound Of London - Lifeforms
Jaco Pastorius - Jaco Pastorius
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eastsidemetalhd, do you like 25 ta life? same singer as comin correct if i'm not mistaken. 25 is NUTS live!

i've been listening a lot to

verdi's requiem
mahler's 8th, 2nd

basically very inspiring which touches at heart of man and the redemption and salvation of man. i love it. it brings tears to my eyes. in a good way.
and, as usual (for me) i've been listening to Kurt Weil and Berthold Brecht's Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny. it's orgasmic. still, music is only an attempt at distraction right now. my personal life ain't helpin out either...
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lately in rotation:
The Cardigans - First Band on the Moon
Radiohead - Kid A
Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing
Dj Micro - Tech Mix 2000
and some own mixes..
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XXhalberstramXX, 25 Ta Life is awesome! have the current
"Friendship..." album, but haven't really heard their older stuff, apart from their 2 tracks on the New York's Hardest comp.

...but what really is the difference between the 2 bands? heard that Comin Correct is supposed to be looser/more 'old skool' but I don't really see how that is the case. not that it's a bad thing, though.

don't think I'll ever get to see them live (why do 'Asian tours' only equal Japan?), but the photos look pretty wild. and Rick Healey has some pretty boss tattoos...
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Roger Waters - Radio KAOS
Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
Thievery Corporation - Mirror Conspiracy

and I've been thinking a lot about Dubtribe, but haven't gotten around to listening to them lately
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Pink Floyd-The Final Cut
Roger Waters- Amused To Death
Don Henley -The End Of The Innocence

CNN did a collage of images to the Henley song "New York Minute" and it was quite chilliing.
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yeah, i really want to get that "Friendship..." album. their "Strength through Unity" EP wasn't all that exciting, certainly not as much as thier 1996 demo 7in. i think "Friendship.." has a couple of songs off of that.

oh yeah, if you think Rick ta Life's tatoos are boss, you should check out his piercings. studs all the way around his mouth. it's nuts. pretty crazy dreads too. they are BRUTAL live. it's really impressive. the only band that i've seen that compares in the same straight up hardness was Madball. another great NYHC band. although their last release was a bit flat.
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Hawkwind - Quark, Strangeness and Charm
Magma - Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh and 1001degrees Centigrades
Riot On Old Street (Acid Jazz compilation)
Mechwarrior 2 soundtrack (Don't laugh, it's easily among the top 10 video game soundtracks of all time)

Death unto all infidels, in oil
Guide us o thou genie of the smoke
Lead us to a thousand and one nights
In the perfumed gardens of delight
-Hawkwind, "Hassan I Sabha"
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For thesis writing, it's very minimal tech & dub for the most part.

Pitch Black "Electronomicon"
Fluxion "Vibrant Forms II"
Vladislav Delay "Entain"
Maurizio "Comp CD"

For running around the lab, the latest Corrosion of Conformity "America's Volume Dealer" has been on high rotation .

For sleeping, mainly ambient stuffs

Rapoon "Fires of the Borderlands"
Lull "Continue"
Lustmord "Heresy"


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I've been listening to Jeff Buckley: Grace and The Verve: Urban Hymns. But to be entirely honest, I really haven't been listening to music as much as I usually do. I've even resorted to listening to MP3s again on my notebook because I'm not just in to the whole So what do I want to listen to now? search for CDs, I usually do while I'm @ work.

A positive sign is that I have my portable amp NiMH batteries in the charger -- so I might just crack open that CDP and get back to the head-fi swing of things.
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For some reason I'm on this country kick.
Alison Krauss - Now That I've Found You.
Pam Tillis - Sweetheart's Dance.
Lorrie Morgan - Something in Red.
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Originally posted by stymie miasma
For sleeping, mainly ambient stuffs
Lull "Continue"
Sweet, another Lull fan! Salut! 2U2
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Indeed...I am a fan of most of Mick Harris' work (except the Napalm Death era which I have never sat down and listened to although I am told his drumming is ferocious).

My fave Lull album was "Cold Summer". The reason I say 'was' is because some no-good rottern so-and-so has borrowed it permantly! Sadly the disc is out of print, one of these days I will make an effort and seek it out.

Do you listen to Mick's other work? Scorn is just amazing and the disc he did under the guise "The Weakener" (on Wordsound) is a gem - extremely slow 'dark hop' I think best explains it. It has Mick's trademark drifts and drones, fractured beats as well as his signature sub-bass. Love it!

If you haven't already, do check out the stuff he has done with Bill Laswell and Eraldo Bernocchi called "Equations of Eternity". They have two albums out on Wordsound also and they are fanastic dub-workouts.


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