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What music have you been listening to lately?

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I have to admit I did spin Metallica's Kill 'em All, specifically No remorse than Seek and destroy...but it didn't help much.

Bon Jovi's Livin on a Prayer on the car radio was a chorus sing-a-long for me however.
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Coltrane's Ascention (to heaven or hell, no one is sure)

Gladiator Soundtrack

So Much For The Afterglow by Everclear

Sifar by Lucky Ali (yay - hindi music.....)
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J. Wink w/ Trent Reznor "Big Black Bomb"

hmmm... haven't listened to So much for the afterglow in a while.
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Lot of Steely Dan and Chicago with some CSNY mixed in

And RIGHT NOW the Temptations double best of set with sly stone on deck
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Garbage - Garbage
Princess Mononoke soundtrack
Maaya Sakamoto - Hotchpotch
Naussica soundtrack
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Bond - Born
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon soundtrack
Pearl Harbor soundtrack
Aqua - Aquarium
and any work from Keiko Matsui
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For the last couple of days I've been spinning Animals 2001 by Out of Phase.
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Marillion - Misplaced Childhood

the remaster I got is of much better sound quality than the one I had an MD of. and a great listen as well. still one of their best, Fish is top-notch: "Lavenders blue dilly dilly lavenders green, when I am king dilly dilly you will be queen" good stuff to keep the anger and frustrations down....
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To be quite honest, I haven't listened to anything since Monday night before I went to sleep. Just haven't been in the mood
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I listen to way too much **** at all hours to put down, but for the styles of music genereally listened to around here, I've been digging into some Miles Davis mp3s, and a Coltrane CD thats a PAIN to listen to with headphones (things are panned oddly for speakers, and I have no crossfeed).

However, I have to say, that if there is ANY hip hop group you guys ever listen to, you should defintly download Putz La Daze and Youth Explosion by People Under the Stairs. This group is very very melodic.
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The Ramones - End of the Century
Rancid - And Out Come the Wolves
Weezer - Pinkerton
Ozomatli - (self-titled)
The Beatles - Revolver
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i just have to add some classical to the mix.

today i listened to:

Tchaikovsky - Nutcracker - Gergiev/Kirov Orchestra. - the whole ballet in one CD - 1hr 20min 58sec - very fast and lively, just don't try to dance to it!

Bach - Cantata 147, 80, 140, 8, 51, 78 - Rifkin/Bach Ensemble - voices comes out absolutely gorgeous on my cans.

Brahms - Ein Deutsches Requiem - Karajan/Berliner - just fit the mood right now for the day of remembrance.

Beethoven - Overtures - Karajan/Berliner
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Nothing different because of what happen, still spinning the same collection of CDs.
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More Music From the Motion Picture Gladiator
The Very Best of the Manhattan Transfer
Spyro Gyra - In Modern Times
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
Patricia Barber - Nightclub
Jay Beckenstein - Eye Contact
Chase - Pure Music
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"All good things" by Sissel (the sleeve is used as my avatar). You might recornize her from either the Titanic soundtrack, or the theme to the '94 winter Olympics. Not as good a production as it can be IMO but very soothing and uplifting.

Otherwise it was back to my old support groups. The latest Shawn Colvin... I put "Another plane went down" on repeat as the events took place. In the aftermath it was Sarah McLachlan and Marie Fredriksson.

I have to admit that these few days I've been sitting in front of my laptop, and watching it unfold for people in a chat room I regularly visit. We have about a dozen regulars from NYC, so we had people in the area giving us their first-hand accounts; doctor friends flown in and talking to us in between sirens, people finding and losing their families, and so on. My CD collection has become the great stabilizer in all this.
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