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Creek OBH11 vs. MG Head DT?

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For anyone who's tried both of these, is the Head DT appreciably better than the Creek?
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I currently own both of these amps. "Appreciably better" is hard to define.............they each provide a different sound with different 'phones. I see, from your profile, you have the HD-580s. I have the HD-600s and, to my ears, the MG Head is a better pairing. The only weakness with this amp is the slightly "less tight" bass when compared with the Creek. Others here also perceive a bass deficiency with the Head. Even with tube rolling, it doesn't provide the tightness and quickness of the Creek. The MG Head provides an airer sound, with more space around the instruments, while the Creek seems to roll off the highs a bit. I also prefer vocals on the Head. And finally, with tube rolling you actually have some control over the sound........and it looks cool, too!
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I agree with joelongwood. I own both amps, and with my HD600 headphones, the MGHead sounds superior to me.

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I have the MG Head and recently sold my Creek OBH-11. To me the Head was less fatiguing, had less grain, and had better definition/accuracy in the bass.
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