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Newbie Headphones

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Hey there great site.

I am looking to get a pair of headphones for my MP3 player and for my CD player. Each has a radio too.

I primarily listen to music from the 80's, 90's. I listen to club music aka trance as well as a lot of instruemental Jazz.

I do not care for heavy sounding bass.

If you know car/stereo speakers. I like the sound of BOSE, and in my car I have INFINITY speakers.

I am just not sure what headphons at $150 or less would be good. If they are portable that would be a plus.

Any help would be appreicated.

Hey has anyone used those noise cancellation earbuds out there..I think AIWA makes them now..to compete with Sony
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sennheiser HD-497's or HD-590's
497s i can say are GREAT with trance and easily driven by a portable. 590's are about the same deal, but much better sounding and comfortable.
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The beyer DT250 - 80 ohm is a great headphone.. Depending on your location you should be able to get them for $150... You can do a search here to find all our reviews of that headphone.

[edit: oh, and unlike the two mentioned earlier this headphone is closed and has decent isolation]
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Those sony buds you're referring to i believe would be the ex70's. they're actually just good at isolating (as you have to stick them right into your ear) without actually having a noise cancellation circuit.

they're not really that great sounding imo. at least not without some mods to them (that i've been a tad lazy to get around to doing)

for portable use the beyers would probably be a better choice as they're closed and won't leak as much sound (both in or out)
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The sony bud he is referring to is

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beyer compared to Sen's

how do the beyer's mentioned above compare to the Sen's mentioned above.

I wouldn't know ..and what does the Ohm rating mean..or how does that come into play.
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Re: beyer compared to Sen's

Originally posted by viper69
..and what does the Ohm rating mean..or how does that come into play.
If you really want to know do a search, it's a bit hard to explain.
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Sennheiser HD590 for $150?
If so, please tell me where, I'll take two.
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The simple explanation of the Ohm rating when referring to portable use is the lower the ohm rating, the louder the headphones can be. The higher the rating, the quieter the headphones will be. While it doesn't always apply, it for the most part is correct. However, once you get into headphone amps and such, thats when things get really complicated.
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What's considered a loud and quiet Ohm rating range

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