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I had one. A clean pleasant enough sound but no bass, and I don't mean the 'no bass' that some people complain about the HD280 Pro, I mean really no bass
Very very comfy. Very very open (obviously).
The socket that the headphone cable attaches to fell off on mine, I took it back and was extremely relieved when they had no others to give me so asked me if I wanted my money back. These were on discount - I paid £140 ($210) but even then I would tell all to steer clear. And for the ridiculous price that audiocubes charges for them, avoid at all costs.
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Thanks, bangraman, that anwers that!
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Now I remember, that's the guy.

Thanks bangraman.

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well, as for lineage.... i believe these headphones have things in common with the Sony MDR-F1.... which i own. notice how the entire top half--the frame and headband are almost identical. the only small difference i see are thicker metal cables connecting the headbands (the ones on the f1 are really thin.) the actual speaker frames also share some similarity... though they look different at first... examine them side by sides, and i think they look more similar than at first glance.

perhaps both sony and panasonic/technics outsourced to the same maker?
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Or Orpheus, seeing that the MDR-F1 have been out since about 1998 if memory serves me rightly, Panasonic just tried to rip Sony off, seeing that their model only came out recently

I've never rated ANY of panasonic head/earphones... all nasty
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Any similarlity isn't because the same company is making both phones. The F1 seems to be lot better put together and it doesn't have two drivers stacked on top of each other. On the HDA100/FDA100 the tweeter is front of the domed capsule bit of the main driver.
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yes, the speaker arrangements and parts are totally different... but the head band part is nearly identical. look for yourself. also, the the way that the speaker is held away from the foam is also a very similar design.

there is definately a similarity... so either someone's copying the other, or they bought parts from the same company.
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I really preffer the stand wow it looks awesome!!!! but acording to the review nothing new in sound, so I'd just purchased it, if I can keep the stand when I return them....
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heh he... yeah, that sound IS nice... anyone know where to buy something similar?
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