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Wow, another resurrected thread I came across tonight, but this one is three years from the past.

For what it's worth, I don't like the RS-1, and I enjoyed my old pair of RS-2 on a Little Dot MK IV SE amp a few years back. The RS-1 seems to have this odd mid-bass hump that blatantly invades the other frequencies higher on up.
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This thread is 3 years old, I hope the OP already bought something.
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I personally liked the SR60 more than the RS1. The RS1 was too colored that it didn't sound natural. I mean, it sounded nice but unrealistic. Used is the way to go for higher end Grado's. If you nitpick, get the RS1. If you don't, get the SR225, because it's about the same.
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I have just received a pair of RS-60i bundled (free) with a Meridian Explorer, and I am amazed by the quality. I have HD800s, HD650s and Q701s already, but am keen to know what Grados I should consider for classical, if anyone has any ideas and happens upon this ancient thread...

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