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Good Amp?

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I was over checking at checking out their accessories and I ran into an amp called Headbanger. Anyone have any prior experiences with this amp. The price seems tempting as i'm on a budget.
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every once in a while someone ask about this amp..opninion seems to be: not better than a regular can-jack, prolly even worse, only louder. you're only going to need an amp when you've got some serious headphones. serious headphone will tell exactly how good/bad your amp is. either get a serious (CReek for instance) amp or do with your current jack.
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It's generally considered a rather poor sonic performer from what I've heard -- I had been considering it about a year ago when I first got into this hobby and was told this. However, I have no personal experience with that amp. And at its price (is it still $80?) it's not really a good value. I'd suggest you make your own CMOY amp if you're willing to put in the effort, or else try to find a good used amp.
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By the way, what headphones do you use? It would be very nice if you were to fill out your profile.
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I have some Grado SR80's that i'm using portably with a Sharp MD-MS072 minidisc player. I usem with my SBlive soundcard.
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well, if you're strapped for cash, I see no reason at all to get an amp for the sr80. it doesn't need it, it won't be worth the cash IMO. unless you're unhappy with them, but then a better headphoen is probably still more cost-effective.
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try sending a personal Message to JMT. The resident amp factory. =)
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I have no idea what you guys are talking about. DIY, CMOY, JMT, IMO....absolutely clueless
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I have no idea what you guys are talking about. DIY, CMOY, JMT, IMO....absolutely clueless
Cmoy - Chu Moy (administrator at HeadWize) designed amp
DIY - Do it yourself
IMO - In my opinion
JMT - me
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heh, yeah I guess it can be confusing

IMO= In My Opinion
DIY= Do It Yourself
CMOY= headhoncho of Headwize, designer of the CMOY-pocket amplifier, a pretty simple DIY project.
JMT= member, builds portable headphone amps, lots of versions, styles, shoot him a mail.
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nugen: lol, sorry, but this really is quite funny.

IMO simply means "In My Opinion." Likewise, DIY simply means "Do-It-Yourself." Versus buying it from a manufacturer....
Another common term is DBSE, or "Done By Someone Else" - the DIY for the lazy group I am part of

JMT is the screen name of a regular at this board, who happens to have made quite a few amps for other ppl - contact him for details.

CMOY is the person running the original headphone-maniac forum (headwize), and creator of a very well-respected amp - see's Library for more details.

Hope this clears up the above statements....
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yeah, what he said
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Wow! Triple simultaneous post.
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OK, Keanu...
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