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Senn/Cardas HD600 sound after burn-in?

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Quick history: Have Grado RS-1 & RA-1, which I feel have an excellent balance of bass, mids, highs. Purchased MG Head, Senn HD-600 & took the advice of many of you and added Cardas cable. Question is - how can I expect the sound of these to change as time goes on? Right now the base of the Senn's is a bit to heavy, especially at higher volumes, and the highs don't have quite as much "flavor" as the Grado's. I tried this combo because the Grado's sound is to forward for my taste, and they just aren't comfortable enough for extended listening.
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Welcome to Head-Fi Kentamcolin, sorry about the wallet!!!

Do a search under the section labeled Cables, tweaks, etc. Many people have posted their opinions about the Senns before and after the cable replacement. Lots of reading, but totally worthwhile!!!
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the senns/cardas combo will "settle down" nicely with some burn in, the highs and lows seem to even out quite a bit, the sound becomes warmer, imo...
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HD600+cardas has a similar flavor to the grado HP-1s. A little more detail, a little less bass, but the ambience and naturalness are equal.
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