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One more closed phone question...

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I posted the question of "what's the best closed phone for rock, rap, and techno?". The answers I got were Beyer 770, Ultrasone 650, and ATH-A900. The main source for these will be a 20GB Windows iPOD. Secondary source will be Soundblaster Audigy Platinum through Klipsch PM 5.1 mini control tower. Also, as you may have guessed these are mostly MP3's that will be listened to, but before I get a barrage of "what do you need quality for then?!?" responses, I would like to clarify that all have been ripped from Exact Audio Copy and encoded with LAME at 192 vbr using the "--r3mix" modification. So all in all, excellent quality.
My question now becomes what is the best phone out of those given to use without an amp. And if it is a grave sin to use any phone of this quality without an amp, then what is the ideal portable (remember, iPOD sized...) amp for the setup? Thanks so much guys!
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Correct me if i'm wrong, the ipod lacks a line out right? If that's the case, the Sony V6 should work very well. It's easy to drive and sounds good (especially with techno, dance, rap, etc). You may also want to look at the Beyerdynamic DT250-80. The Beyer 770's definitely need an amp to sound good.
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Ah well you should have said it was an iPod. Beyer 770 wont work well without a hulking amp, and neither 770 nor my suggestion which was the ATH-A900 (which will nevertheless work REALLY well off the ipod) are exactly portable phones, I would really say that are the exact opposite of portable phones.
I second gloco in your situation but I would lean towards the V6/7506 because they fold and they really are very handy.
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thanks so much for your advice guys, looks like i'm gonna go with ATH-A900 (Portabiliaty isn't a huge issue, if that were the case then i would use the (heaven forbid!) included earbuds.) Kidding!
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