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Not particularly rare, just very old.

The K140 led to the K141 which led to the K240, and it's all history from there.
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I found a pair of these in really nice condition at my father's yesterday. The only thing is that the rubber-foam in the centre pieces have dried to a black powder so I'm looking to find ear-muff replacements. Anyone here know where I can start looking for that?

A bit sentimental since I was born the same year these headphones got out and my dad got them for Jazz-listening :)


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hey, Foolwolf...


my foam is rotted out, too.  did you ever replace the foam or the entire ear muffs?  if so, can you tell me where you went for that? 





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These came in semi-open version as well right? i'd prefer that one :D:D

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my friend has one of those, and tried it connection to the following setup:


ipod > onkyo nds1 using digital out > diy optical cable > fully modded adcom 20bit dac (forgot what model) > 7n DIY RCA > DIY dual-mono mosfet amp > k140


these awesome-looking cans sounds bassy. yep, you heard it right. bassy, but it is still controlled and full. not to the point that it drowns out its midrange or treble though. in fact, these still have those yummy midrange goodness found in other 600ohm variants-- the k141 and the k240. upper midrange/lower treble is also pronounced treble is somewhat subdued though.


pretty sure soundstage is small due to the design but the mosfet amp makes it sound big (yep thats what the amp is always doing whenever I plug any headphone in there)


haven't opened the cups but i think the bass can be tamed through changing the damening inside the cups assumming there is a huge cotton-like material used like the other akg models.


i was supposed to buy this from my friend and transplant ortho drivers on it, but he doesnt want to sell since the k140 sound is unique compared to his vintage akg collection.


i was using his reference classical/jazz tracks when i give the k140 a listen.

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I have the K141 Studio, I think they're brilliant little cans, other than being discomforting. I havent compared many cans, I only own the akg271 mk2. I love the high-end on the 141s, so sharp, and I do love the width of sound they put out for the small drivers, impressed me.

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No, I haven't been able to find any good foam or cups that cold work. I also noted that the foam in cups themselves are also dust - so I have an extensive work ahead of me should I wish to fix these up. Also, having bought some nicer headphones lately - I'm not sure I will go for restoration par from them being from the same year I was born...


Have you found anything to help restore them?

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hey FoolWolf...


no i haven't yet.  but it is still on my to-do list.  :-)

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Cool, let me know if you find anything :) I was checking some stores for new ear-piece - but none seemed to be the same size that I could see...

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OK, I tired of looking at the sorry mess on my shelf so I took some time to e-mail the guys at AKG.

They told me that I had to get in contact with the professional branch - and after e-mailing them I have now a PDF waiting for me with spare part lists for the AKG K140 that should help me find what I'm looking for.


The service part name for the earpads seems to onclude a lot of things, foam, cushion and plastic holder etc and has service code: 2040 M 0602 - "Cushion with capsule compl.". For both AKG 140 S/4 and 140 S/5.


Hmm, well, lets see if we can find that.


I don't know if ther eis a way to upload the PDF, but I can make an image if it later or send it by e-mail to anyone that is interested. The guy at the service centre told me not to get my hopes up though, the document is from 1978...

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