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Nice pics.

You should listen to the UE9's without the outer fabric liner. Might change your mind about trying a cable mod and it's a lot easier, as you found out. I'm not sure what the point of that plastic mesh screen either other than to protect the driver. Looks like it blocks a lot of sound.
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I will do that, later. I will try listening with the big metal plate out the way too, it would block lots of sound also. I was surprised by the plastic mesh screen too.

My desk is covered in cables and PC parts at the moment, will be at least a few days until my little projects are finished and I'm free to experiment.
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still no Senn 650/600/580?
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Originally Posted by drarthurwells View Post
really really fascinating!

Thank you guys!
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Originally Posted by sghound View Post
still no Senn 650/600/580?
580_intermittency_repairs Photo Gallery by jeepy206 at pbase.com
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Anyone got any Grado or Yuin driver pics?
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Recabling APureSound V3 Denon AH-D2000

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Nice compliation of drivers. With the exceptions of the Stax and Beyerdynamics using blade inserts, I am sorry to say that the workmanship in soldering the drivers is horrid and deplorable for such high end cans, I need to teach these companies a thing or two ! I am getting sick and tired touching up and redoing solder joints on every piece of audiophile gear I buy, this industry is so way behind the times.
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Took this while I was re-cabling a pair of Old-school Beyerdynamic DT-880.

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Dunno if anyone really wanted to see these but here are the drivers out of my Koss R80's:

The 2nd pic is blurry. Could not get a decent macro shot from that angle.

Anyone know where to get replacement pads, mine were flaking away and fooling with the pads to open them up made things worse.
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Alright, i got it apart, so might as well post a pic

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Ahh someone beat me to it, k701 on pg 2!
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Nice drivers but, where's my local FedEx guy? He's quite the headphone driver, never had any problems!
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Early, middle, and late production K240 Sextett drivers:

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hey, the late production driver isn't glossy. different doping?
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