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Originally Posted by DJShadow View Post
If I had decent camera there will already be a tonne of sa5000 driver pictures.
I have a decent camera but I am too lazzy to take off the grills and take the drivers out and take a picture knowing someone is going to end up posting them up.

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Originally Posted by tyre View Post
Nice lineup ericj. The different K501 driver is interesting.

Yeah, it appears to be identical to the K401 driver pictured here:


And of course AKG claims that they are the same part number, and that they haven't made any changes to the k501 over the years that would make any difference in the way it sounds.

Yeah, right.
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Originally Posted by ericj
...Yeah, right.
Shush, dangerous skeptic! There might be devout AKG fundamentalist true believers listening!

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Grado IGrado driver housing and driver pix. Supposedly these are the same drivers as in the SR-60, just different housing/frame?
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Originally Posted by wualta View Post
Oo, nice photo. Which camera?
lol, not sure if you'll see this, but it's a Canon A75. You can see it reflected in the driver heh.

Also, Grado's site says the iGrado has SR60 drivers.
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Originally Posted by PerformanceFirst
it's a Canon A75. You can see it reflected in the driver, heh.
Good ol' Canon. Always thought their digicams' output looked the most like real photographs. My first digicam was an A40.

By the way, thanks to tyre for tipping me off to the existence of Google Patents. Want to see the patent that explains the passive diaphragms (and more) in the AKG K340? Look here.

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Pickering OA-7 (and countless other late 70's headphones)
specs unknown.
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Beyerdynamic DT-880 Studio (80's version)
600 ohm
Advertised frequency response: 5hz to 35khz (really!)
Note protection diodes peeking out from behind electrical tape
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Cool! Note well that most of these diaphragms, especially the ones posted by ericj, are microphone-style diaphragms. Open up a dynamic mic and this is pretty much what you'd see. As I've said elsewhere, I don't know if Sennheiser was the first to apply mic-element tech to headphones (the HD 414 and all the miniature headphones to come), but they must have been one of the first. Before that, most headphones had big paper-cone drivers that looked like speaker midranges and sounded like... well, cardboard.

Anyway, don't take my word for it-- hook up your headphones to a microphone input and start singing. See what kind of quality you get.
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Beyerdynamic tear-down

This evening i had a sudden realization that i am in a unique position to illuminate the subject of Beyerdynamic headphone drivers.

Why? I have a blown DT-770 Pro/80 driver! I bought my 770's used on ebay for $44, with one blown driver, and spent $50 replacing the blown driver. Can't beat $94 for this set.

Beyerdynamic always ships out drivers that are already fixed into the baffle disc, because the baffle disc protects the diaphragm.

Here we see the DT-770 Pro/80 driver with the felt damping cap pried off:

And here we see the bare driver removed from the baffle. Note the mottled surface of the diaphragm.

It wouldn't necessarily hurt the driver to take apart a working one like this, but you do have to remove the silicone adhesive that holds on the damping cap and holds the driver into the baffle disc. Presumably you would want to glue the parts back down if you wanted to listen to it again, though, and i don't have that issue, since it's blown out, and sounds awful.
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Beyerdynamic DT-???

I purchased these curious drivers from a british gentleman who said he acquired them while working for Beyerdynamic in the early 90's. He said he believed them to be DT-9xx series, though he was unsure which version. They were sealed in bags made of bubble-wrap when they arrived.

The baffles are the same diameter as DT-770/880/990 baffles, but the outer edge of the baffle has a lip about 8mm tall vs. the flat edge of the 770/880/990, and it lacks the 'tooth' that ensures that those drivers are always oriented the same way.

They also lack the perforated aluminum dome that usually covers a beyerdynamic driver (even the ancient 1980's version DT-880 Studio), and the back of the driver has no damping or even screening of any kind.

Also note the more open frame of the back of the driver vs. the other beyer drivers pictured in this thread.

The retention method for the driver is also different. The driver has a 'tooth' on it's outer edge that drops through a slot in the baffle and is rotated, and then the slot is filled with glue.

Aside from that, the geometry of the magnet and the shape of the diaphragm appear to be the same as the other beyers, right down to the mottled surface of the diaphragm.


DC resistance: ~225 ohms
Inductance: 1.35 millihenries
Nominal Impedance: Probably 250 ohms
Everything else: No blasted idea.

Does anybody have a DT-911 or DT-931 they can take some pictures of?

I acqurired these cheaply, so even as a curiosity, I'm happy with them. I will likely retrofit them into Frankenphone II: Electric Boogaloo.

Edit: Found a picture of a DT-931 driver here: http://www.raymondaudio.nl/projects/.../project6.html

Very close!
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From my Bose TriPort.
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Shure E500 Driver

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Originally Posted by NtD Gr3nade View Post
Shure E500 Driver

Haha very funny.
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Originally Posted by Assorted View Post
Haha very funny.
Would be interesting to see what they look like, there are no pics on the web of them. Anyone wanna crack one open so we can have a look?
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