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Philips SBC 3178. A rebadged AKG; some say the K 260, but I've not seen proof. Sound isn't very good.







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AKG K 160. Pleasing mids, but otherwise an old sound. The driver capsule is about 26 mm in diameter.











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Earbuds. Blox M2C and AKG K 314. Both quite awesome; the latter now apparently discontinued.





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AKG K 315.




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Audio Technica AT-701

The silver front is glued on top if I can get that off will edit it in here.


30-20,000 Hz, released 1974 discontinued~1977


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The two known PMB (Peerless Mikrofon-Bau) 55 mm orthodynamic drivers from the late 1970s.


PMB driver 1.jpg


90 holes in five rows, with or without steel plates that improves magnetic force. Found in PMB8, PMB80, PMB100, Dual DK830 and some Telefunken TH700.


PMB driver 2.jpg


60 holes in four rows. Found in B&O U70, Magnat RT10 and some Telefunken TH700.


More holes means larger effective "playing" area, but less magnetic power. In the end the difference might not be so large, but the 90 hole version is a bit more efficient and sounds better to my ears.


PMB diaphragm.jpg


The diaphragm.

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Originally Posted by vid View Post

AKG K 160. Pleasing mids, but otherwise an old sound. The driver capsule is about 26 mm in diameter.





Wow! Isn't it stupendous how similar it is to the K701 driver?


AKG K701 diaphragm.jpg

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Close-up of the back of the Sony MDR-CD1000 bio-cellulose driver. Apparently they used a base to grow the bio-cellulose on (you should be able to discern the texture in the lower hole), but I haven't seen any documentation on what material it is. Could be microfibre. Anyone know? The MDR-CD1000 was introduced in 1991 together with the CD3000, in the wake of the legendary R10 (1988). This also had a 50 mm driver, but was 40 ohm compared to 32 ohm for the CD1000 and CD3000.


Sony MDR-CD1000 diaphragm backside.jpg


Sony MDR-CD1000 driver backside.jpg


Sony MDR-CD3000 driver.jpg

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AKG K 241.






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Wow!  AKG K241!!! I have one,sound really nice!

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Among the better value in vintage AKG, sure.

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Can't remember if I posted this Lenco/AKG 200 ohm driver here before:



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Someone did (probably you), along with a picture of its groovy box.

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Sony ECR-500


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Sennheiser HD380 Pro





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