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An 55 mm orthodynamic driver:

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K340 electret driver taken apart:

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Closeup of an Eagle H4300 driver
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Sony MDR-7506 driver

Denon AH-D2000

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TakeT H2. Note that the metal rods are not standard parts. These pics show the woofer (deep wafers) and tweeter (shallow wafers with black squares attached). Super-tweeter is not shown.

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Sennheiser HD565 Ovation

Well, seeing as I've got it all apart at the moment...

Sennheiser HD565 Ovation
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It resembles to a Magnifying glass hehe, nice!...
Originally Posted by gordonshowers View Post
Well, seeing as I've got it all apart at the moment...

Sennheiser HD565 Ovation
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Had to take this K1000 apart for repairs and snapped a few pics while I had it disassembled:

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This excellent thread deserves wider attention and more contributions. Let me add a rarity: the original 40 mm Sony V7 sapphire evaporated diaphragm, modified with some damping felt:




Note that the sapphire surface of the membrane looks like titanium drivers.

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HP-1000 driver.



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Sennheiser HD590 driver. This often criticised but underrated 1999 headphone, that also had many admirerers though, seemed to be a typical love/hate object. It's not much talked about these days. I think many listeners expected a model to bridge the (admittedly very small) gap between the HD580 (1994) and HD600 (1996) but found something else. 


The unusual thing with this driver is the ventilation (and the aluminium voice coil). If you look at the edge of the dome you can se several slits that allow air movement through the diaphragm. I haven't seen this construction anywhere else, except in developed form in the HD800 where the centre part of the dome is completely removed.


HD590 driver.jpg



Promo copy from Sennheiser:


"SENNHEISER HD590 Prestige Headphones. Top of the range high definition open-back hi-fi stereo headphones. Exceptionally natural, spatial and accurate sound. Large-surface Duofoil diaphragm eliminates standing waves in the capsule. Extremely lightweight 18mm aluminium voice coils ensure highest transient response with excellent linearity, suitable for quality monitoring. Mew sintered damping element for controlling diaphragm oscillation. Computer-optimised neodymium ferrous magnet system minimises harmonic distortion. Single-sided, detachable connecting cable made from kevlar-reinforced OFC copper. Very comfortable to wear due to BioNetic design."

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Various Sennheiser HD250 Linear drivers.




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HD800 driver coming from the HD590? Wow. A bit of an exaggeration if you ask me, mdr30. But to follow that track - look at the HD565 driver 5-6 posts above. To me it seems to have those ventilation slits as well. And how about the HD580-600-650, anyone got closeups of those?



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AKG K3 driver, beginning of the 1980s. "Multi diaphragm system/200 ohms". One of the first AKG Varimotion (two-layered) drivers?



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