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Classical piano works never get old IMO There are so many periods to choose from: Baroque (well not piano strictly speaking), Early Classical (not really either , mainly fortepiano), Late Classical/Early Romantic, Romantic, Contemporary, etc...

Have you listened to the Shostakovich Piano Concertos?
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As far as modern solo piano works go, Ligeti's Etudes are breathtaking.

Amazon link

Also, for totally different modern view of piano, check out Messiaen's Vingt Regards sur l'Enfant-Jésus.
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Suzanne Ciani
John Jarvis
John Tesh
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Dave Brubeck - if you play the piano you'll understand how this composer-piano player is astounding with his odd time signatures and playing style. not much solo pieces, but always very well blended with the other instruments.

Harry Connick Jr does some mean piano work too, with an old-style manly vocal accompaniment.
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Bebo Valdes.... all about substance. his technique isn't as strong as his son's anymore, but you should really pick up El Arte de Sabor and Lagrimas Negras.

Chuco Valdes... a bit more flash, but some great latin foundations as well.

Duke Ellington... one of the greatest arrangers/composers, but also a phenomenal piano player.

Billl Evans... one of my favorites as far as style goes.

You'll get your recommendations for players like Corea and Jarrett as well. Great players, but Corea drives me a bit nuts with his overly constructed approach and Jarrett with his very audible vocal cues. Oscar Peterson has some very nice work, but he can get a bit lost on the arpeggios and scales for my tastes.
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You've been given recommendations for everyone from Cecil Taylor to John Tesh, a pretty good indication that we have no idea what you mean when you say "more modern".

However, in the spirit of fun, I'll throw in a few "modern" ivory ticklers that haven't been mentioned yet, in order of obscurity:

Vince Guaraldi
Jason Moran
Matthew Shipp
Uri Caine
Joel Forrester
Michiel Braam
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Oscar Peterson, Lenny Tristano, Teddy Wilson to name three more.
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Sorry for Posting to an old topic but I was searching for this today and wanted to add to it.


Clay Giberson - hello Song  (one of my favorite piano songs)


Also Jim Brinkman - No Words (Album)

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Tom Schuman - "Schuman Nature"  Phenomenal trio arrangements.

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