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Kataklystik, I had mine for about two weeks now and even though I bought it from another source (which I can recommend : 3c-store / ebay) I paid exactly the same amount of money incl shipping to Belgium. Still running it on stock Chinese tubes, very happy with it but as to most of us here too the inevitable has happened...
Ordered Ulyanovsks 6S19P-V and Hytron 6AK5's and a matched pair of EF95's from General Electric. Can't wait to hear the difference.
You def. won't regret that month's work! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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Don't be surprised if those Hytron 6AK5s hum a bit when you first light'em up. It goes away completely in about twenty minutes though.

I'm curious as to your success with the ef95s...while my generic Russian 6S19P-Vs are a step up from the OEMs, they initially provided noticeably less bass ooomph. Now they seem fine, but I wonder about the comparison to the Svetlanas and Ulyanovsks...I seem to have plenty spares of the inexpensive variety! (wink-wink nudge-nudge)
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I'm glad to hear the positive opinions on the amp.
Jasmine has top service. As I contacted him over MSN I talked to him a little bit and he really is very friendly and tries to satisfy his customers.

By the way, my AKG K701's arrive tomorrow or Thursday but I will have to wait at least a week from now until the amp gets here.
Will my Zen Vision M or my sound card headphone out be powerful enough to drive them to burn them in at least?
I'm planning to burn them in with pink noise as I read that it is fast and works fine.
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Great with HD650's...

I'm pretty impressed with how the DV 332 complements the HD650's in my set-up.

The stock tubes seem to brighten / clear these phones up quite a bit. I suppose with other phones the stock tubes might be a bit bright, or almost harsh - but, with the HD650's they're really pretty spectacular. I get a similar sound from the Russian (Voskhod) 6AK5 equivalents, or the M8100's, with the stock power tubes (I assume that's what the 6C19's are).

Again... very much like the XCAN v3 with the Senns, in that respect.
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I looked around a bit on ebay for tubes and I found these:

Edit: Also found these:

Can they be used with the Darkvoice 332?
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Yes, these tubes are perfect for the 332. The TUNG-SOL 6AK5Ws are excellent in the 332 - I have a pair myself. One of the best in my opinion. Likewise, the SVETLANA 6S19Ps are great in the 332.
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Originally Posted by Godkin View Post
Ghilberti, just been reading your thread on the Figaro. Please tell me I didn't read that DV are releasing a new 332. It was an hallucination, wasn't it.
it's real, man.

I have a pic of new 332 but I can't post it here now
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just acquired a 332 pcb, will try to build a DIY version.
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Wet my appetite, Ghiberti. Has the design changed much? Does it use the same compliment of tubes? When will it be released?

Good luck with the DIY 332. Pkjames
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Wow... Is There Much Better???

Wow... just finding it hard to believe this amp can sound this good with the HD650's, or HD600's - they're whole different phones with the DV 332!

Of course my sources, may have something to do with their sound... but... the combination is simply incredible.

I find it hard to believe there could be much better, no matter the cost.
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They are a perfect match. As far as I know, when DV designed the 332 they used the HD650s as reference cans. They have done a great job. Many people who have heard the 332 compare it with amps at three times the price. Personally, I do not think it gets much better than the 332 - HD650 combo.
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Originally Posted by Godkin View Post
Wet my appetite, Ghiberti. Has the design changed much? Does it use the same compliment of tubes? When will it be released?
new 332 is very different with old one in appearance-it has two volume pots-.

as for tubes, I heard they're the same but not 100% sure.

I hope we can get it this month
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A new 332? Mine will arrive in a few days and when I think that the new one could be better this just makes me feel like...don't like that idea at all.

ghiberti where did you get this info from? Jasmine himself told me "I have ask the factory,they told me there is no new version 332 amp."
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a little singing bird passing by told me that::
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I e-mailed Jasmine and he/she told me that: "the darkvoice not release new version 332, just change the more good capacity to improve the sound." This suggests some kind of component upgrade, but not a fundamental change - like a 332i. However, Ghilberti has intelligence that it may well be a fumdamental change. Do not know what to think. Perhaps Jasmine is saying this because he/she wishes to off-load the older 332s.
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