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I certainly had no problems with biasing and the 332. Just plug in and play. Some valves, however, don't seem good with the 332 - they hum like crazy.

For me, a characteristic of valve sound may be a warmish tinge to the music, but it is also the distinctive openess to the midrange. The 332, while not particularly warm, has a lovely open sound, with the midrange brimming with detail.

Upgrading valves does improve the sound: it rids the 332 of any hint of harshness; it opens up the sound and deepens the bass; and the separation also becomes better. With the power rectifiers, the 6S19s, 332 owners are pretty much limited - the 6S19P-Bs being the best of the bunch. With the smaller tubes, however, the worlds you oyster. A seemingly endless choice of valves, and at very good prices.
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I've been examining the spec sheets for the WE 403A and 403B and, as Hew says, they appear to be direct drop-ins for one another. There're some minor differences but nothing too serious. Here's the spec sheets:


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What a great thread. Godkin, your informative posts motivated me to take the plunge and I ordered a DV 332 today.

Several of the tubes you mentioned in the course of this thread are not readily available. But I wanted to get some tubes to get me started so I bought some Svetlana 6S19P-Vs and 6J1P-EVs.

I will be trying this amp with AKG K701s, Beyerdynamic DT 880s, and Sennheiser HD650s.

It should be a lot of fun.

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Originally Posted by hew View Post
I haven't heard the 6J1P-EV but using the M8100 as my reference, the 403A is a step above it. If I knew how good the Western Electric 403A was going to sound in the DV I would still have bought them even at 50/pair. As it stands I got them at 11/pair on ebay including shipping. They are also available at http://www.tubesandmore.com for 20/pair.
Thanks hew, that was a very helpful post. I just ordered a pair of Western Electric 403As from the source you provided. I think I'll have enough with the other tubes I bought to get off to a good start with this amp when it arrives.

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Good on you, Jsaliga. Great to have another 332 owner on board. I have the HD650s, and the 332 drives them effortlessly.

The SVETLANAs are excellent tubes. So too are the WE 403As. Just keep looking about, especially on E-Bay, because you can get some great bargains.
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Hey guys, I got a question. Do you guys leave your phones plugged in when you turn the amp on? Or do you have it unplugged, turn it on, then plug it in.

Also, do you unplug before you turn it off? Or do you just leave them plugged in?

I should be getting mine tomorrow, but I've never used a tube amp before, so I'm a bit curious.
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I keep them plugged in all the time, Laxx. No problems yet - touch wood.
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Hi everyone, I've been lurking on these forums for a few months now.. this is my first post..

Just got the darkvoice 332 to go along with my k701's.. What tube combinations do you guys recommend with the k701's? o
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Hi Munchkin. Welcome along.

The choice of the larger, rectifing valves is quite limited. Stay away form the Chinese 6S19s, not bad but certainly not the best. Go for the SVETLANA 6S19P-Bs or the ULYANOVSK made 6S19P-Vs. Both are about the best you can get, as they are the more highly engineered verisons of the 6S19P.

With the smaller, signal valves the choice is almost infinite. As with everything, the choice is highly subjective. The Russian 6J1P is always a good starting point, as is the better engineered 6J1P-V. Personally, I've found these to hum quite badly in the 332, but I may just have bought from a bad batch.

The western equivalents are, in my opinion, better. There are a whole list of these, but the more widely available ones are the 5654 and 6AK5 (add "W" for better versions), the EF95, and the upgraded M8100 or its military spec brother the CV4010. Less widely available, but highly recommended here, are the WESTERN ELECTRIC 403A and 403B.

Hope this helps, and good luck.
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I just got mine in last night. I left it on over night to burn in, but initial listening impressions were good. They did wonders for my k701's, adding better bass impact and a full-bodied sound all while remaining very detailed and airy. I did find it a bit bass heavy and harsh in the top end, but after letting it burn in over night (about 10 hours), the bass bloat gone (at least I think it is, I only spent 10 minutes listening in the morning before leaving for work). I'm very impressed with it so far and will be ordering some tubes to go soon. =]

I'm looking at the Russian 6S19P-V and the WE 403a's, all due to recommendations here.

I have yet another question. How long do you leave the amp off before changing tubes?
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At least an hour I'd say, Laxx. But preferably more.
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Have you ever tried the preamp out yet? I always thought it was a loop out. =T I connnected it to my Aria and then realized it was a preamp out, lol. I only have 1 word to describe it... disgusting. Maybe it doesn't work correctly this way, but I'm gonna try again tonight. Last night, I had the DV volume at 100% and used the Aria's volume knob, tonight, i'll try leaving the Aria at 100% (as a power amp woudl be) and using the DV's volume knob. Maybe it'll be better, who knows. If it's really that bad, I'm planning on soldering it into a loop out instead of a preamp out.

Also, has anyone tried to fit the Alps RK27 pot in yet? After reading about the DV's linear pot, I have to agree. Only being able to use up to around 10 o'clock is not fun. =T But I do have to admit, it's dead silent, no hum even at 100% with any of my cans (only tested K701's and SR60's as my HD595's are loaned out).
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Oh. Anyone here want to sell me some tubes? I'm not really interested in buying packs of 8-10. =T
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I can sell you some tubes, Laxx. I've SVETLANAs and ULYANOVSK 6S19P-Bs. I could also sell you a pair of 6J1P-Vs. PM me if interested.
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I just got word that my DV 332 has shipped and also that some of the tubes I ordered are on the way.

I have no idea how long tubes sent from Russia will take to get to the US. But the Western Electric 403As that I ordered should be here in a few days since they were shipped from Arizona.

The timing for this is terrific. I also have a new Denon DVD-3910 on the way.

I'm talking a week off work next week and will have lots of new toys to have fun with.

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