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Originally Posted by Godkin View Post
I recently bought a DARKVOICE 332 from China (five days delivery) for 200 UK pounds.
Where in gods name did you find it for that price?

And I long for the day I can spend 200 pounds without much expectations
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Originally Posted by DennyL View Post
I'm totally confused. Are those funnel-looking things on it tubes??
they disipate the heat and in theory they prolong the life of the tube.
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As far as I can see, they help protect the valves in transit. I took them off. Looks much better - nice valvey glow.

Bought the DARKVOICE on E-Bay - Jasmine's Hifi Store. The last time I looked, they were retailing at 235 UK pounds, but they have a "make me an offer" facility. I made an offer of £200 and it was accepted. Delivery was £35 - very quick and hassle free.
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Why is it so much more $$ than the 336i?
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From the looks of things and some prior explinations it is a good bit better, or should be.
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hmmm....must be patient. maybe I'll see if they will take $350 + shipping.
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hey godkin, mind showing a pic with the tube covers off?
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Perhaps the price will stabilise once the novelity wears off. But at £200, this amp is a steal. I dare not think of the money I spent modding the X-CAN V3 - tubes, capacitors, diodes, resistors, etc, just to get it to sound like this little amp out of the box. And check out the price of replacement tubes on E-bay: 10 (yes 10) 6S19P-Bs for $18.00 and 10 6J1Ps for $9.99.
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I'll post some pics later - that's if I can!!!
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Here's the pics.



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Thank you, Godkin, those are very good pics, and very helpful.
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I made an offer and intend to review it if I can get it for the right price. We'll see.
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Very pretty... any internal shots? I'll bet theres a lot of modding potential in the little bugger.
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Here's a pic - not mine and not very good quality, but it gives you an idea. Typical DARKVOICE: very neat point-to-point wiring, and a very simple, "full direct coupled curcuit."


The most obvious mods are the valves. I've already ordered some SVETLANA 6S19P-Bs (10 for $18.99) and there more generic Russian equivalents, the 6S19Ps. These are more durable, mil-spec versions of the 6S19 (6C19). Also bought 5 Philips/Mullard black-plate 6AK5W, a mil-spec version of the 6J1 (other equivalents 5654, EF95, 403A, 6F32, etc).

This amp also seems to appreciate a really good power cable - I hooked up the QED Conduit and it improved the sound quite a bit.
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Getting a 332 for a review. Jasmine says that it is "more better than the 336i"

I hope so b/c I really would like some loving for my open Darth's.
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