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Mine arrived at my brothers in Australia first thing Monday...now just need to wait for my friend to come back with it
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I'm also looking forward to more impressions with this DAC. Specifically I'd like to hear experiences with USB input - sound quality, driverless support, ASIO support in Foobar, etc.
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USB sound tends to be a few db lower than the others, and it tends to be with most, if not all, usb sound.

It supports driverless installation.

Asio works in Foobar for it.

Anyway, anything new about the Musiland MD30?
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Originally Posted by laxx View Post
Asio works in Foobar for it.
Isn't that only with asio4all? Not *true* asio.

Originally Posted by laxx View Post
Anyway, anything new about the Musiland MD30?
Nope I guess we have too keep our eyes on Diyeden's and Musiland's homepages and see what happens.

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I hope it will be balanced, that would be awesome.
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iFi Audio hasn't heard anything about the MD30 yet. Wei put an email in to his partner in China but has not heard back yet.
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I hope he gets some new info about it. =)
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Yup, I'm looking into getting a dedicated DAC without an integrated amp and would like to see waht the MD30 has to offer.
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Originally Posted by digitalmind View Post
That's interesting, seeing as I was never a great fan of the Zhaolu.
I was planning on purchasing a Yulong Crystal dac, but the added USB support on the MD10 is a nice feature and it might win me over. I'm still not sure, atleast the seller of the Yulong is also selling this thing at I believe 1980RMB (roughly $250). The $270 iFiAudio quotes is a very nice price indeed compared to that, shipping it yourself to the US would be more expensive.

Fan Chengzhe, also the seller of the Yulong Crystal, said he liked the sound of the MD10, but couldn't describe it better (his english is bad).
I got this little stuff today from Mr. Fan, it is really much better than what I expected. I have been searching a long time for something match my laptop, now I got the right thing. I connected it with my Lehmann BCL to drive HD600,really wonderful.
thanks for your information. I communicated Fan's friend (yelzin@gmail.com) in Europe cause Fan can not speak English and German.
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Just ordered MD10 from PV

After a few hours of reading, I placed the order of MD10 from PV just now.

Now I have all the following stuffs on their way:

Little Dot Mirco Tube from Ebay
Senn HD600 from EBay
Musiland MD10 from Pacific Valve

I can take break from research and shopping - for now.

Feel much better that I don't have to shave out > $800 for redbook CDP! Computer rules.
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I just ordered one from PV too. Thing is it says on the page you order it from that it should ship in 2 - 3 business days but my second confirmation email said it will ship in 2 - 3 weeks. Um, big dif between 2 - 3 days and 2 -3 weeks. How long did you people that ordered one from PV have to wait to receive it?
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I am wondering the same thing too!
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I emailed them and this is what they said.

"We *usually* ship when they are in stock. Our stock moves so quickly, there is little time to update the web site and make it accurate."

I've asked them to give me an estimate on when it will ship and will post back what they say if I get an answer.
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Wei at iFi Audio has heard from his partner in China that the MD30 will not be available for at least 6 months. So there you go.
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Lol, no point in waiting for it now then. Might as well buy the MD10 and just sell it when the MD30 comes out (if it's any good).
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