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HD595 or HD600?

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I'm sure this has been asked before but here goes: For those that have heard both, is the HD600 worth the extra money for critical listening?

I should clarify what I want here. I do MIDI work purely for fun, however for all that I like it to sound great. 99% of the work is done on my speakers since you need them for proper sound-stage and imaging, plus it's just nicer for me. However when it comes to listening for detail, you can't beat headphones.

I'm a Sennheiser fan but I need new ones. The 595s are tempting right now since cash is tight for the next 6 months. However it's not like I want to repurchase phones continuously so I want something good, and will spend more if it comes to that.

I'm using a PPA to drive them, so impedance is of no consequence.

So, is it worth around $100 more for the 600s? Unfortunately where I live, there are no shops that stock either so I have to buy them cold.

I'm also open to other suggestions, in the same general price range, if anyone really thinks there's something better for this use. Please, no suggestions of $300+ phones, I'm just not willing to spend that kind of money at least at this point. This is a hobby, not a livelihood and I spend enough on it as is.

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It was asked a few threads down.

The HD600s (or even cheaper HD580) can excel over the HD595 for many people, but the required equipment to reach above is also higher.
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The source really isn't a problem. It's all 24-bit digital synthesized sound to an Elite Pro X-Fi to a well built PPA. Not top shelf audiophile stuff, but quite high quality.

Maybe I'll just have to make the drive to Phoenix and try to do a listening test on the two, though I've got no idea what I'd bring as a source.

As ever, it seems so much up to taste. The 595s sound appealing as it's not like it's one kind of thing I deal with, it runs the whole gamut, however I'm really not looking for the most pleasant listening experience, rather the most revealing or accurate one. It's basically a final check to make sure I don't have the balance out of whack and I didn't let any samples sneak through with a nasty flaw in them or anything.

I just don't like my 590s anymore. Prior to getting an amp, when I just had them on my mixer they sounded fine, better than the 580s and they weren't having cables problems (at the time). Now though, I really am not pleased with them.

Ahh well, thanks for the pointer to that thread, I'll have to read it over again and give it more thought.

Ironic that I can find 3 speaker shops not more than 10 miles from my house that sell speakers starting at $1000 and up but I can't find a single place in the city with good headphones.
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PPA? Get the HD580/600/650. I have the HD650, but if I had to do it all over again I'd likely get the $150 HD580s.
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I have listened to both 595 as well as 600. Sound signature is different between these cans. A/B comparison is not suitable for them. HD595 is an all-rounder. When I listened to HD600 I was little impressed about its details. But when i used it for long time I felt boring. (sorry HD600 fans). I don't want to fall asleep while listening to music. I needed some can to make me listen to the music. That's why I got HD595, which serves my purpose very well. If you are a more passive listener or a listener of classical/Jazz music, then go for HD600.
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