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Got my SR-125s....

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Been listening to them with and without the JMT cmoy mint-tin amp (thanks JMT & Flashbak). I am mainly listeining from my portable Panasonic SL-S200 cd player, although I did listen a bit from my receiver's headphone jack for mp3's. Hopefully I can get a better source soon. My other cans are Sony V6's so these are quite the different sounding headphones. Overall, I like the open quality of the Grado's, although the "closed-sound" of the V6s never really bothered me as it seems to some people. Their whole range is presented nicely, and vocal tracks sound better than ever Ive experienced with the V6s. "Bright and lively" is how I would describe it. I can't offer a great in-depth review like some of the members here, just saying I'm happy with them. Comfort-wise, these are a lot less comfortable than the V6s are for me, the pads are supraural and my slightly-sticking-out ears are in pain after a while of listening. The headband isnt bothering me at all, perhaps it was already bent. They definitely feel/are a lot more fragil than the tank of a can the Sony is. I've got a couple of questions for people with Grado's + the JMT tin amp. Comparing with the headphone jack of my portable, the line-out to the amp seems a LOT brighter and sharper, to the point of painfulness at times. The headphone jack actually seems a lot "warmer" I guess would be the way to describe it, maybe a bit less detailed. Is this just the way it is, or could it be that my CDP sucks? (it probably does, cheap panasonic pcdp.)

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Try hooking the amp to your reciever and see if there is a line out issue...
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Make sure the volume levels are matched as well, since the JMT amp I'm sure can easily and quickly exceed the volume of the Pana jack.
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That is going to happen with Grados. It may be somewhat attributable to your source, *buht* my gut says it has something to do with the super-efficiency of the cans as well.

You know, I must vent a bit...I have generally been a big Grado proponent, but I am starting to get a bit pooh-pooh about them. I mean, I am going to bed at night listening to the awful sound of ringing in my ears. When it's every night since you've had Grados, I don't particularly thing that's a healthy state of affairs. This is why I've been eyeing and talking about HD600 Senns...

I mean, I'm pleased (for the most part) with my RS-1s, but I just feel like...like...maybe there's something more to be had out there.

I am tiring somewhat of the ultra-analytical Grado detail. Maybe I will shuffle right back after getting a pair of HD600s, but ya never know. Some reviewers on pro sites say "Sennheiser could learn a thing or two about detail when compared to Grado at this price point," but who really gives a sh*t if the sound isn't pleasing or if that higher-frequency detail is doing a number on your hearing sensitivity.

"That 'in-your-face' Grado sound!"

Frankly, I'm getting the internal message that maybe it's time to move on...

- Matt
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haha thanks for that point of view Matt, that could very well be it. I guess thats why they say you either like em or you dont.... I DO like them, but its.. "differnet", and definitely not easy on the ears as compared to some other cans.
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I guess my feelings are...

...if I didn't have the in-yo-face sound, only non-offensive, laid-back sound, I'd be "incomplete," but I'm ready for some "relaxation" at the same time.

- Matt
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Matt, its a toughy... Grado Vs Senns...

The Senns definetly have a more neutral top end, but the Grados seem to have a more realistic bass (IMO) (with the SR-125s)

Definetly in the long term my modded 580s are the way that I go, I listened to my Grados today, and they were too bright for my ears
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Now that I'm getting...

...into Senns, what sort of "mod" did you perform on your 580s? Furthermore, what do you think of 580s vs. 600s?

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I've not done the infamous HD580/600 test, although I was steered away from the 600s by my dealer, saying that the only benefit of getting them over the 580s was if you were heavily into classical music...

as to the mod, not many people here approve, but each to there own.... Basically I just made them semi-closed by putting some foam behind the drivers... seems to make the sound tighter, and richer to my ears
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I have the SR-80's and HD600s...

They really aren't in the same class, and considering their prices, they shouldn't be. Especially in terms of build quality, the senns simply blow them (and all grados) away...

The SR-80's have very good sound for the price, with tight bass, warm midrange and detailed treble. THe HD-600s are better in every way, as they should considering their price, with much better bass extension, treble detail, and midrange detail. More expensive grados are more comparable, imo the 225-325's are about equal in terms of detail and overall sound.

But the largest difference between the two is their overall presentaion. I find the Grados to have too much colouration, making them sound unnatural for many types of music. Also, the bass is a bit TOO punchy, it can sometimes give me a headache. And most importantly, the treble can be quite harsh and sibilant. Furthermore, the sound is too "forward", and doesn't have the wide natural soundstage of the senns. (and neither can touch the A/200s for soundstage)

The 600s have a very "coherent" sound; not only are all areas covered very well, but the sound comes through so relaxed and effortlessly. I've heard many headphones that can beat the Senns in specificic areas (bass response, soundstage, midrange, etc), but nothing that can do everything so well...
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btw, the best description of the two i've seen is from (gasp!) firingsquad...

Put another way, listening to music with the Sennheiser HD 580s is like eating a multi course gourmet meal. The more inexpensive Grado SR60s give you that same meal, but with the food somewhat too seasoned and spicy. Cheapo headphones are like eating that gourmet meal after it's been through a blender.
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Especially in terms of build quality, the senns simply blow them (and all grados) away...
I resent that statement. The old world build quality of the RS series really put the HD600's to shame. I wouldn't pick a pair up with one hand. 'Nuff said.

And who's to say the Grado sound is coloured? It's all a matter of perspective. They aren't any more coloured than any other headphone out there. Each has its own distinctive flavour.
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They aren't any more coloured than any other headphone out there. Each has its own distinctive flavour.
while every headphone has a distinct sound, the term "colouration" refers to overtones that the headphone itself adds to the original sound. and in that respect, grados are very coloured in respect to the HD600/580.
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I'm very curious as to what your area of expertise is that allows you to make these claims. Please elaborate?
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You don't need any expertise to tell that Grados are coloured. Simply listen to ANY recording on a pair of grados, then a pair of Senns and you will hear that certain frequencies are exagerated by the Grados. Neutrality means being true to the orignal recording, ie a flat frequency response that does not have sudden peaks that emphisise certain details.

And as a classical pianist, with professionally made recordings, i can certainly say that when the recordings are played back on Grados, they certainly don't sound as "correct" as with the Senns or Koss. And i certainly know both my own playing and the master tapes very well.

And even in recordings that i didn't make, its still quite obvious that the Grados have a very peaky frequency response. On some types of music, particularly compressed rock/pop recordings, i actually like this response. It brings back the impact that is lacking in the recording. But it certainly isn't true to the recording, hence the term colouration.

And i am not impressed at all by the Grado RS series. OK, so they decided to use wood in its construction, and it certainly looks beautiful. But it still has the same basic contruction as the cheaper Grados, and isn't better quality. Better looks does not equal better quality.

I resent that statement
everthing in this board is opinion. SO do you disagree with my comments, or do you resent my comments. I don't see any personal attacks in my post.
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