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sr-60 to V6, what should I expect?

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I don't really like getting hyped up for something I could be disapointed with, but I can't help myself. I'll probably have 'em at my door step by the time I get some good replys (I'm eager for jude since he's a V6 fanatic) to this anyway.

The sr-60s are the ONLY "audiophile" peice of equipment I've EVER heard. My pads are about the equivalent to the flat donuts I'm guessing, since I seriously ****ed up in modding the comfys. Because of that I have very little soundstage to begin with, so I can't imagine myself being too upset about the V6s in that respect. The bass on the V6 is supposed to be ****ing holy from what I've heard, and I AM a dum-bass in some respects given my musical preference (HIP HOP!!!). Given the sr-60s reputation in bass, the low end is what I'm very eager about.

My main concern are the highs. I'm not a huge fan of ALOT of treble, I'm just like the rest of ya I guess. V6s reputation are that they sort of exceed what is desired in treble. The only thing thats got my hopes up in this area is that the sr-60s are supposedly bright to begin with, and I've only noticed hints of that on certain recordings, so what I may get is what I'm already used to, and what I'm used to I don't think is all that bad.

So, on the issue of treble, what should I expect to get going from my botched sr-60s (I will be gettng bowl pads though) to the V6?
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hmm.....most say the V6 aren't bright - just revealing. So if your equipment is bright - you'll know it.....
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Oh, good. Panasonic shockwaves are generally a little dark I guess, so thats cool.
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you'll know soon enough. coolvij nailed it, the v6 is revealing, and most cheap digital equipment has harsh highs. the v6 is also current hungry, so if you want your deep bass you'll need an amp. or, if your portable source has a headphones jack that puts out 10+ mw of power you can use an in-line volume control: loud out of the headphone jack, turn down the in line volume, presto! bass from the v6. you can also use the "bass boost", although that usually screws up the sound and with the v6 it is like having an overdriven subwoofer in your head (although you may like that).
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very little soundstage; they sound VERY closed.
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The bass on the V6 is supposed to be ------- holy from what I've heard, and I AM a dum-bass in some respects given my musical preference (HIP HOP!!!).
The V6s have some of the deepest bass I have heard. You won't be disappointed. But, as Neruda pointed out, they are very closed. So the soundstage, what there is, is very constricted. As far as a comparison to your 60s, in my opinion, it's like comparing apples to oranges. Two completely different sounds.
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I was in the same situation as you. I had the SR60's and bought the Sony MDR-7506. I liked the sound of the SR60's but since I listen to music in the library, I needed some closed phones so I got the Sony. I love my MDR-7506! I don't feel that one is better than the other but like JMT the sound is like comparing apples to oranges. For hip hop, the Sony 7506/V6 is perfect. If you have a amp, even better.
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Personally, I also started out with the Grado SR-60s and the V6s. I liked the V6's considerably more, maybe because of the type of music I listen to, but I definitely preferred them to the SR-60s. As you can see, everyone has different opinions throughout this site. Also, I really don't think the V6's need an amp to sound good. Yes, it will improve sound some, but it is certainly not needed.
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Well, I got em this morning. I'm probably the only one who didn't already own a pair of these, but this'll be helpful for new buyers like I just was.

First impressions (from a real headphone newbie).

Build quality is actually cheaper then I thought, but I still can't imagine it just breaking even after more rugged situations. Defintly something I feel comfortable just tossing in my backpack with or without the pleather sack (nice touch). Eons ahead of my grados in almost all respects. Though, I am very worried having the driver RIGHT there behind the velt covering without any grate like the grados. Could anyone tell me if I hav any real danger in hurting these by just touching them? I have absoloutly no problems with the coiled cord yet, can't see myself having any, and I actually like it. It is different then the coiled cords I see on telephones and such, so anyone who's got that image stuck in their head, get it out.

Comfort is a little strange on these. My ears just barely make it circumaural. I can imagine it being uncomfortable for those with larger ears, given that the headband really presses against your temples. The pleather pads are softer then I thought, but I think I'm gonna spring for the beyer pads anyway. I can imagine them being the biggest pain in the ass on hotter days. After wearing these and putting on my grados, the grados felt like a ****ing feather, though I noticed the pad being very scratchy and rough, probably credited to me ****ing up the pads. I found the V6s headband a little hard on my dome, but I think I'm used to it now and it really isn't bad. The key is to put em on and be done with it, fiddleing with everything trying to make the best fit irratates the hell out of everything, at least for me.

I've heard that the sound could change due to ear size. I can actually see this making some sense, since pulling the drivers away from my ears the slightest makes an audible difference. I imagine bigger ears would rest on the pleather pad instead of the velvet driver covering, making the ears farther away. It seems to become more tinny the farther away it is.

Sound wize, I'm very much a newbie at this, and the music I listen to is probably a far cry from being the best for auditioning. But for me, I initally noticed alot of new things I've never heard before on tracks I'm quite familiar with with my grados, even though the overall result isn't any more "clearer". In fact, and this could just be source for the moment (headphone jack of CD-ROM on comp, I usually use sony mini or panasonic shockwave), the sound is overally dark in comparison. The bass is obviously better then the grados, though to be honest, it is not as "powerful" as I expected. The best way I can put it, and this is just because I have NEVER heard any other high end phones other then these two, is that the V6 is (to me and before "burn in") essentially in the same light as the sr-60, only closed, which is enough to serve the purpose I bought them for.

I'm doing this first impresssions of a newbie thing with the V6s straight out of the box. Wether it be actual burn in or psycho acoustics or whatever, I don't know **** about that, I hope the sound gets better. If not, I'm partially content with what I paid for.

But for those of you who have expierience with the V6, what improvements did you notice as time went on?

And before I go, I'd like to thank ya'll for making me a less ignorant informed non-audiophile consumer, with reccamendations of the V6 and sr-60. Peace.
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I am very worried having the driver RIGHT there behind the velt covering without any grate like the grados.
Actually, the driver isn't right there... "right" behind the little cloth covering is a metal plate with holes in it. Behind *that* is the actual driver, so you're safe.

I would recommend the Beyer velour pads... they really improve the V6.
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I am very worried having the driver RIGHT there behind the velt covering without any grate like the grados.
my wife turned her head and smacked the corner of her metal glasses right into the center of the v6 driver as she was taking them off! i was sure they were damaged, but there seems to be zero problems. of course she doesn't get to use my v6 anymore..
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eeks, redshifter s!!!

Still - be forgiving......well, not TOO forgiving......
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"Actually, the driver isn't right there... "right" behind the little cloth covering is a metal plate with holes in it. Behind *that* is the actual driver, so you're safe"

Awesome. I accidently jabbed it a little hard before, and its nice to know its all good.

I've listened to it for about 2 hours or so now, and even though it isn't everything that I expected, I'm VERY happy with it. I've gotten used to the comfort, and though its still not the greatest in the rspect, it pretty much alleviates all the major issues the grados had. Still, its a little hard on the sides of the head, and I don't think it would have killed them to make it more circumaural. The darkness I sensed before is pretty much gone, the bass is very nice on certain tracks and good enough on others. I really don't think its bright or shrill at all. Every so often there'll be a song that forced me to blink when it hits a snare, but its rare. At this point I'm hoping there'll be more seperation between "instruments" the more I use it, though that only becomes a major problem at volumes my portable can't reach.

I'm gonna get the beyer pads next time I have money, though I could very well get by not having them. After that its probably a barebones amp by me or a DBSE (barebones + meier crossfeed anyone?). I'm not expecting any sound improvements from a little amp like that, I jst need something that'll push it to higher volumes.
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John Dunlavy

At HeadWize some time ago, I remember reading someone's post about the MDR-7506's (which, as we know, are also MDR-V6's), and how John Dunlavy (developer/designer/manufacturer of the very well-reviewed Dunlavy line of speakers) is a fan of them.

Anyway, I found a post at Audio Asylum in which he remarks about the MDR-7506's, and I thought some of you might find it interesting -- as a big fan of MDR-7506/V6's, I definitely found it interesting.

John Dunlavy's comments about the Sony MDR-7506's on Audio Asylum
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I've very tempted to rebuy another pair of 7506s, given all the current hype about them. I didn't like the way they sounded back when I owned them, and certainly not their comfort level, but it wouldn't hurt to get back the deepest bass in town.
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