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Another possible causes of the problem is voltage mis-match.  I purchased a 220V HA-02 in Australia, and found that it hum and click after running for a while.  We talked to Yamamoto about it and they said the amp have to be reset to 240V (which is the Australian local voltage). 

I endup returning the amp to the place of purchase.  But according to the information send to the local shop, it is a matter of changing the tapping of the power transformer so while you need to open the amp, it should be relatively easily to fix.

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Thanks for the suggestion. The amp was purchased a couple of months ago from a German distributor so the device was meant to be used in Europe at 230V, which includes the UK. I hope the manufacturer would set the voltage appropriately (?)


The fact that the delayed hum shifted from one channel to another when I switched the tubes round indicated a faulty tube. There is no hum or buzz whatsoever with the Philips JAN tubes and the amp is virtually silent, even after prolonged use.

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Anyone has the dimension of this amp??

Tried searching in the website but cant seem to find it.

going to loan this unit from friend and just wondering whether it fit my now very cluster desktop.


thanks in advance

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okay found in the very 1st page of this thread..

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Has anyone tried this tube?



"PHILIPS MINIWATT TS62 / 6028 / 408A  The TS stands for "Telefonica Serie"..... Made for telephone networks in Europe.... These are durable, low noise, long life tubes and have silver plate with gold internal wiring and pins....."




The build quality looks amazing, and of course, durability, low noise and long life are very desirable features as well. But I wonder how they sound?

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I'm gonna find a DAC for my Yammy. Can I have some advice? I'm consider to pair it with NOS DAC like MHDT Paradisea 3. Anyone have experience with it ?

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