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But congrats to both winners and big kudos to Afrikane and Asr!
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Hmmmm. I always seem to miss these giveaway threads. Guess I have to hang out in the Member's Lounge more. :P

Anyway, congrats to both winners!
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Why didn't i found this thread before ... ??????
Nice giveaways guys. Keep it on going ...
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congrats to both winners and again afrikane
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Thanks to both generous headfi'ers and congrats to both winners!
You make the headfi a better community!
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Congrats guys! I was getting up my hopes of tryin some cans that aren't Sennheiser though! Got crushed!
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Congratulations to both winners! Hope you enjoy the DT880.
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count me---

ah dang.

Happy listening, coltrane and antiant.
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Congratulations Coltrane & Antiant!

Originally Posted by Coltrane
Will they sound terrible through an ipod? Or just nowhere as good as they could be?
I'm not familiar with any Beyers, but I use Sennheiser HD-580s with my iPod all the time and I love the way they sound. Technically, the 580s (at 300 ohms) should be harder to drive than the DT-880s (which are 250 ohms).

Try 'em without first & see how they sound to you. Beyond that, there's plenty inexpensive amps that will drive them to ear-bleeding volume levels, like the Go-Vibe or you could have someone build you a Pimeta.

Happy listening, guys!
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