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Open Headphone on Bus = EEK!?

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Today, I was trying out some Flents Ear Plugs that I had purchased for an UPCOMING purchase (koss plugs) that I had been contemplating.

I think I need at least the Plugs for on the bus......I just realized how loud my KSC-35s have been........on the bus. Horrifying, it was.

I put the Flents Quiet Please! ear plugs in - and put on the KSC-35s, powered by MD - and I could hear CLEARLY!!!

OMIGOSH.....I am done listening on the bus till I get some closed canalphones.......

phew.....I feel so relieved that I noticed this, before I seriously damaged my ears.

Just thought I'd share.....

- coolvij :>)
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Yeah, I know what you mean. It's amazing how quickly ears adjust to damaging volume
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You have no idea how amazing etys are in this situation...
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my sentiments exactly chych, coolvij the koss plug really isn't that good. I know the ety's are big $, but ohh are they worth it
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I remember onix describing that same thing, using earplugs along with regular headphones. must work...
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don't get "the plug". it sucks (i know, i bought one).

if you don't have cash for the etys, try the sony mdr ex70 or mdr v6. i use both on the bus every day (the v6 for years now) and they are the best choice imho for cost, convenience, isolation, and sound quality.
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Well, right now, I've got a lot of chych's stuff

including his EX70s - which I don't particularly like. I'm thinking of getting the Plugs - and doing all the CMOY mods, including replacing the included plugs with normal ear plugs, if necessary.

Or maybe I *will* just get EX70s....I mean, the sound quality isn't of extremely high concern on a bus.
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and for just *a little* more money you could get the v6! on the bus the ex70 actually has more bass present than the v6, as the v6 bass tends to be overshadowed by the bus engine. something about the ex70 (proximity to the eardrum? better isolation?) tends to make their bass more audible than the v6 on the bus.

Or maybe I *will* just get EX70s....I mean, the sound quality isn't of extremely high concern on a bus.
if sound quality isn't a concern go right ahead and get the plug. BLECH! i can't imagine anyone prefering the plug over the ex70, but then again everyone has different tastes, sources, biases, etc.
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redshifter: come on, man - I said sound quality isn't of great concern. That doesn't mean I want "blech"-like sound! I mean, why else would I have bought 888s - when I could've had Jensen!?

I think I may go ahead and get the EX70s.....they sure do look purdy

About the V6: I am half-afraid of these phones. Will they outclass my 495s in detail? If so - I don't want that. My next main headphone upgrade will be leaps/bounds type thing (Etys, HD600, SR325, Beyer 770, etc.).

At this point, I'm leaning towards saving up - upgrading MUSIC COLLECTION first and foremost, secondly my source, and THEN - GOOD headphones

So, I don't want another "equally" good headphone, or something that is better, but not by much.

That's why I was looking at the Plug - with cmoys newest mods, ppl have said it's half decent.....and.....it's dirt cheap.

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i think i must own the e888 as well. people say it is the earbud version of the cd1700. if so, i gotta have 'em.

if you think the regular ex70 are cool looking, check out the white version:

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I dunno, I don't think I like the white ones too much...

They are too 'girly', and look like someone from the '80s would wear them IMO
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girly? GIRLY!?! i'll have you know john wayne owns a pair, bub. and he's all man, although his real name is marion.

i like the white ones, even though they aren't as rugged looking as the black version. the white ones remind me a little of the 80's, yes, and also a little of the headsets they use in anime. they look a bit like medical equipment. the strangest things make me nostolgic...
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Hmm....I like the black...simply cuz they wouldn't show ANY wax on them

I think I'm gonna go ahead and get the Plugs, mod em, and see how they are...
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