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Headphone Maintenance

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Get a headphone stand to prevent the letters from rubbing off
Those banana hangers appearantly works
Oh, and try not to get hair into the drivers, it makes them rattle

EDIT: and i OBVIOUSLY discovered time travelling, i posted a minute earlier than the OP!
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Headphone Maintenance

So this may sound stupid, but i just got my first pair of real headphones (SR 80s) and want to make sure i keep them in as nice a condition as possible. I plan on eventually selling them for an upgrade (but not for a while).

So basically, is there any "special" way to clean things like the pads, etc. i've picked up a couple things here, but wanted to make sure i didn't try something that would screw up my new set. Or if anyones found something that works really well...let me know. thanks
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Originally Posted by jdimitri
EDIT: and i OBVIOUSLY discovered time travelling, i posted a minute earlier than the OP!
yeah i've seen that a couple times...what's going on with that?
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One thing I always do; and it may help to avoid the dredded Grado cable twisties, is to always put on and take the cans off both the hanger or me bean exactly the same way each and every time. And if I set them down on a surface I always set them down and pick them up the same way as well.

....couldn't hurt.
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I was just about to start a new thread, when I found this one (I love search).

Some of the things I have been doing with my headphones:

Cleaning pleather: Seabreeze and other skin cleaners work pretty good, don't leave a residue (and if they do, stop using them) and I think help the material last longer. Alcohol works, but will dry the material out.

Cleaning the drivers: A while back, one of my pairs of KSC-35s started to develope a rattle in one ear and I though the driver was damages. So, in the interest of seeing how things work, I took them apart. Surprise: a few small hairs (so that's where my hairline is going!). When I put them back together, I found that they didn't rattle anymore. Since then, if they start to rattle, the first thing I do is take the foam off and check the driver for hair. If I have to take the shell off I go ahead and clean the driver with a q-tip and some alcohol.

Foamies: I've worn out three sets of foam covers on KSC-35s. A bargain source for replacements is a pair of Koss cheapies from Wallyworld or similar stores. Last summer I picked up 3 pairs of $5 phones to use with a DVD player on a road trip and each came with spare foams. Happy kids, happy dad.

Cords: I did a cat5 replacement on the 35s a few months ago and use a braided nylon cable cover and heat shrink. I've found that this type of jacket goes a long way to preventing the wires from getting tangled, kinked and knotted. Tried it on my unaltered pair and noticed the same.

Connector: A Caig ProGold pen is great for cleaning the tip and I think benefits the jack you plug it into.

Anybody else have any tips to share?

(still haunting the dark corners of head-fi)
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I personally use Lexol leather cleaner and conditioner for the leather pads on my 780s. Doesn't quite make that uncured elephant hide any softer, but it does clean them very well and I think will help them from drying out.
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The banana stand is a must. And yes, they are as awesome as they could be.
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