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dart - why would you feed a headphone amp from another linestage? isn't that a little redundant? and probably lost of fidelity in there from added link in the analog chain.

while i agree ear makes the best headphone amp out there (only amp that's even close to it is the krell solid state headphone stage that is purely for power with no volume control so it would dictate the use of a preamp), i'm not too thrilled with their preamp. it plays too nice where as the hp4 actually has some swagger to it. it doesn't have any harshness like you said, but it still has the energy to keep a beat going.

the sugden is pretty nice also, but it has this metallicness to it that bugs the hell out of me. i've heard a while ago that mods can alleviate this, but it's still kinda bass shy and doesn't have authority. if i were to mod an amp, it would probably be a mccormack micro integrated drive seeing as their DNA series scales so well from mods... also happens to be my second favorite amp for rs-1.

one amp i havent heard is the naim headline 2. would love to give that one a go with a really fast fone like sony sa5k.
the borbely audio ss and hybrid designs seem interesting. amazingly no one from here seems to have had one built before.